Feathered Friday ~ California Sunsets #135

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Here are my entries for #featheredfriday
hosted by @melinda010100.

Photos taken on July 10, 2019
from Ocean Park Santa Monica, California
of the Santa Monica Mountains


Click image to view full size.

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It is very refreshing to the eyes @armentor I like the sunset shots here a lot :D

Thank you much my friend!

Amazing shots meng! Was that like the last actual sunset you guys got down there given the clouds and gloom for the last 4 days?

Thanks my brotha. You are correct as it was until yesterday. Hopefully this thing called sun appears more often (;

So brutal, terrible summer, but at least its creating some not seasonal sunsets so you are a happy camper! This weekend will be great, if not, drink!!!

Hmm the mountains to me look like they are coming in from the ocean like some monster in the fog.

That's awesome... I see it now... Pacific Rim all over!

Such gorgeous light over the water ;)

Very nice and great photography my dear
friend @armentor

Thank you !

That's such a joyful shot to checkout nice photography once again :D

Thank you :)

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