California Sunsets #165 - GoldenHour

in #photocircle4 years ago

“May every sunrise hold more promise
and every sunset hold more peace."
~ Umair Siddiqui ~

GoldenHour Leap Year 2020 from
Ocean Park, Santa Monica



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I also like the variant in turquoise. :-)

Yah, it was really cool, definitely atypical!

Amazing pics bro... i recall your ex once said many years ago on valentines day when you gave her roses... "flowers die"!!! :0

Thank you brotha! I can't believe you don't have anything better then to remind me of girlfriends past!

I'm there for you! Thanks for the update on what's happening with steem and all. quite frustrating especially with how much you invested.

It is quite interesting with everything going on. I have been reading so many posts and reddits my mind is spinning. Let's discuss tomorrow.

Dude, this market is brutal and Steem is drifting up. Why?

Very unusual (but beautiful) blueish shade in the first one. As romantic as it gets, espcially with that rose flower on the ground :)

I wasn't my rose! Yes, the blues were a unique change up from typical Cali sunsets!

That is the difference between sunrise and sunset, but both of them have their own beauty :)

Thank you as always. I loved that quote :)

I love it @armentor I wished that I love near a beach too :)

Thank you my friend!


Thanks you :)

Those colors WOW so beautiful

Thank mang! It was a unique evening (and a tad cold for southern cali !)

I would take your idea of cold lOL

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