California Sunsets #153 ~ Goldenhour

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"Loneliness adds beauty to life.
It puts a special burn on sunsets
and makes night air smell better."
~ Henry Rollins ~

Photos on October 19th, over a 20 minute span
from Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California

Which one is your favorite?

Date Night


Going Home

Golden Hour

Ferris Wheel


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Which one is my favorite? Going Home and Golden Hour :) Enchanting captures as always.

Let me get you some extra support for your work :)

@tipu curate

Actually, those 2 have been my favorites.. The solo flight home and the other one is a perfect peaceful Golden Hour.

Much appreciate the tipu. Thanks mang!

Hehe, looks like we have a common taste in photography :) It was my pleasure to get yout that TipU upvote. Cheers!


congrats armentor!

Amazing. I think Going Home should be renamed to Free Bird! also agree its either that or Golden Hour.

Thanks my brotha! I completely agree with your selections. If you recall, I posted a similar solo flight shot and called it Free Bird and posted the LS lyrics and link!

Yes man! This could'v been for feathered friday as well ;)

Yes, which is or used to be today. I have some other cool sunset Seagull shots I should post, but just don't have time and with steem this low, its negative earnings!

All this rain and no sunsets, make me sad :( How is it down there?

Those colours🙏

Thank you as always :)

WOW these are all so beautiful I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite

It was one of those evenings where mother nature is just toying with us :)

I think that comes with age LOL

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Congrats armentor!

Different shades of Golden hour that's just incredible to witness love your photography always

Much appreciated :)

Thank you!

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