Plants & Animals photos - Winners of the last week

Shutting down...
Structures are the last open challenge, I close it tomorrow.
Here's the announcement of the last Wednesday winners!

Hi all! It's Wednesday! You shared your 'Plants/Animals' photos!

Sad news... Pilot weeks are over. It was a nice experience! Insufficient funds, I'm shutting down. I will close all the open challenges with the prizes as I've done normally but I won't start new ones. Thank you very much for the support, for your participation, it was a pleasure playing with you. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to run a daily contest without a sponsor. But don't worry! I might be back! ;-) Keep sharing your amazing photos!

Congratulations to the winners!

by @nelinoeva - Entry post

by @betterthanhome - Entry post

by @ileana56 - Entry post

by @zirochka - Entry post

by @hangin - Entry post

by @cryptoyzzy - Entry post

by @jayclar30 - Entry post

Each winner gets 0.5 Steem.
I will transfer your prizes tomorrow, together with the winners' of the last challenge.

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Thank you kindly for adding our beloved bird into the mix. Is today the last day? I think it is... a sad day indeed. I hope things get in the future and we see you back as this has been wonderful!
Thank you!

Thank you very much for featuring my photo and congrats to all for the awesome entries.
I enjoyed very much taking part in the contest and I am sad it is over.

Thank you @photochallenge and congrats to all the other awesome winners :)

I feel so sad that photochallenge has to end.. This kind of steemian like @photochallenge handler is selfless and generous he/she aims to help and boost our steem wallet must be known to this community and be supported by those whales, where are they?. Do they really don't see it? Thank you @photochallenge for your time in creating this contest. May you'll be back soon.. Your wonderful contests are one of the reason why my return in steeming is exciting. Thank you 😍 and I am hoping for your success here on steemit.. God bless you more.. 😘

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