Photo52 2020 Challenge! Week #4 - Black.

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It's Week #4 of the Photo52 2020 Challenge, hosted by @wwwiebe via the @photo52 account 😄 and the prompt for this week is -- black!


Last week during my Wednesday Walk on the Rail Trail, we came across a long-dead tree with large black birds seated upon the branches. I spent about ten or so minutes hovering around them, trying to get some nice shots of them while my partner and son waited impatiently and did little arm-waving stompy dances to shoo away all the flies.

Guess it's what we get for wandering through the midst of farmland. 😆

It wasn't until I got home and did some investigating that I discovered the birds were Great Cormorants, the first I've ever seen in this area. 🙂


When I was going through the photos, I was tempted to use them for last week's white prompt simply because the background was so white, but because the subject was black I thought it better to use them for this week.


They're lovely birds and were the highlight of my Wednesday Walk. I was lucky I came across them when I did because on the way back home they had all flown away and I'd have never known they were there. 😮

Good timing! 😁



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Photos courtesy of me, @kaelci, using a Nikon D5000 with 55-200mm lens.


Those birds look like they could be haunting some poor child on Halloween!

Thanks for entering!

They could be!

"They fed me too much bread, so I fed on their brains!"

Just woke up. First Duck Related Horror Title to enter my brain. It's horrible.

Hahaha. You shouldn't call a duck related anything as horrible. You should refer to it as fowl


That last one ! Wow he is turning his head Hahahah this could have been a great featheredfriday blog

I completely forgot about #featheredfriday -- I've never joined in before, but I've seen a few posts here and there. 😅

It’s great ! @melinda010100 runs it and there is a new hive for aswell

Just edited to add a feathery friday 😁 I always feel weird doing the day-related things; I live in the future! For most people it's still Thursday. 😅

I have a couple of lovebirds also, and we live in a very bird-centric area and manage to take a couple of shots of them a week. I must remember these things!!

Hahaha it’s still Thursday here hahaha and featheredfriday started out on Friday but I know it can be used all days . And maybe the love birds will be a great entry to the #amazingnature by @adalger

Thanks @brittandjosie ❤️ If people use Friends instead of Friday it may be less confusing! #featheredfriends

Great shots and thanks for posting them to #featheredfriends/friday. I changed the tag to feathered Friends so that people did not think it was exclusive to Friday. You can use #featheredfriday on all your bird related posts any day of the week. !Tip

Thank you! 😊 #featheredfriends sounds like a plan! Whenever I'm out and about I try my best to find some birds to take a photo of. We have so many parrots around here and they'd be lovely to share in a feathery tag! 🦜😄

Oh and steemit allows 8 tags 😉 its a waste to have two not used

Or 10 tags on steempeak! 😃 It's just I couldn't really think of any others. I usually throw in a #life and a #blog but these ones didn't seem particularly bloggy.

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