Pillow Fight in New York

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My dear steemit friends, I would like to walk you though a really fun event from New York City: Pillow Fight! Yes, this is a real event, happens every year in Washington Square Park, Manhattan!


The path to pillow fight.



It's a fun and, contradictory, peaceful event :-)



People are fighting with pillow. If you forgot to bring one, no worries, $5 then you can get one.



People come and go. This is the celebration after a session.



This is one of the events that makes New York City unique: lovely, energetic, and inclusive.


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Pillow fights are fun.

Pillow forts are better!

Please leave me a comment and share your thoughts! I will read every comment and really appreciate them!

That was absolutely fun! If only im there, i will surely join the pillow fight, LOL 🤣

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@leftbank very well
you have support community
appreciate your work weldone

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Good comment

looks interesting event..

yeah really interesting indeed!

It is wonderful to have such event!

Amazing dear
Wherever you go, go with all your heart.


嗯嗯 浪费了好多羽毛


This seems really fun

I wish i had something like this in my town :S

Agreed! me too!
Should be a lot of fun!

Awesome @leftbank, If I have a chance to visit New York, I won't bring my pillow. I will prepare $5 instead, is that right? It is very interesting even and so much fun, I can see it from the puctures. Well, we in Indonesia have such the even too. But it's a little harder. It's a battle one on one. Two people sitting on a palm tree that put across a small river, and then they fight. Who ever fall to the river will lose. It's so fun. Yeah, to long to write I think. And you won't read it anyway . Just like any other high level steemian, they won't reply for low levels comment. So, thanks anyway...

lol absolutely!

Wah the game in Indonesia also sounds amazing!! I don't always reply due to the 20 second reply limit but I do read every single comment!


Wow!the game in Indonesia sounds interesting too!
Hope you can share more~
I love reading related to different cultures,games etc..

Have a great day!

Verry nice post big thumbs up and a resteem from my side for hard work and dedication

Happy party, a happy life.

wow, i wanna attend...really INTERESTING indeed.

I did not even know this was a thing. I think it is an awesome idea. It gives people the chance to release some frustration in a light hearted and fun way. It is a good way to curb violent actions that are so very prominent in the news today.

wow, i wanna attend...really INTERESTING indeed.

leftbank April 7th 2018 on Saturday,, there will be massive pillow fights around the world festival

good to know that!

Look! Easter is coming to our place!
Everyone gets his spiritual faith.
I wish you peace all over the world,
Spend your days without a sword.
May bright sunshine fill your heart,
May your life’s road be not so hard.
I wish you success, family warmth
And all the goodness on the Earth!

Приближается к нам Пасха, только посмотри!
И каждый обретает духовную веру внутри.
Желаю абсолютного спокойствия всего мира,
Чтоб меча не знала жизнь, была так красива.
Пусть сердце светом наполняется,
А жизненный путь легко открывается.
Удачи желаю, и тепла семье.
Только добра на всей Земле!

this is so funny! This should be in every city! People can release agresivity with this :)

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:


Soo we have to carry our own pillow or we get there ...

Aw this is great. 😀🤣👍

@leftbank you took me into my childhood when I used these soap bubbles haha its really so big and cool and great exhibition. fight pillow awwww its lovely really nice to see but frankly speaking, I have never seen such fight its cool. I want to be there really!

indeed this is the first time ever I attended. really fun!

I enjoyed this travel, but, it a pity, it just in my dream.. Sweet dream not a sweet reality.. I do not know when!!!!! It all about money... if i have enough money i will go there.. I will keep work... thank you @leftbank for sharing. I appreciate it so much..

keep working hard the dream will come true one day!

Learning a new culture is an excited thing to do. Just like reading this.
Actually it has a bit similar with our culture in Aceh , we are fighting each other using pillow in celebrating our independence day. The arena of this tournament is on small bridge (a branch of wood) on a river. It's look simple but believe me it's really hard to do. Need to balance our body. If not you"l fall to the river.
Check out this image !


haha yeah that's really fun! thanks for sharing!

You are welcome @leftbank!
you can check my account sometime, I post about our unique culture there. As you know a new comer need supporters. cheers. waiting for more posts!



Looks good to join

this is awesome what a great idea! who gets all the pillows lol?

How I wish I can go to new york :) And do whatever the things I like hahaha. best Regards from PH

a great show yes. what event festival is held every year ... !!!
definitely exciting and happy to broadcast the show.
greetings @leftbank.. thanks

This is amazing

why wasn't I invited ?

haha New York is such an awesome place!

Very Interesting... the world should have more pillow fights rather than wars...

I think pillow fight in a street could be very relaxing and fun to watch. Why not make it like a boxing match with a ring to make it more fun?

nice shot :)

if you want,, you can give follow and upvote me.i will back. thank you

Really, so pillow fight is becoming official for there to be an event on pillow fight. I won't be surprised to see it as an event in the Olympics... It would be fun watching the fighters do there thing.

Thank you for sharing - what a great idea! My town in Australia is looking for new and different things to do, this might be fun!


Another cool thing.

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maybe I have to try with my love

Loving this! Long time!

This is so cooolll.. Omggg
I want to be a part of this but I'm in Nigeria 😂😂😂😢😢😢

I have a friend who's also from Nigeria and he's living in New York!

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@leftbank This looks like a lot of fun! I bet that would be an interesting event to walk up to unexpecting! :)

yeah totally!! even more fun to participate lol

It releases stress, and fun!
I wish I could join them or making similar acitivity here in my country.
Thanks for sharing..

sounds a brilliant idea, start one there!

just missing naked girls

if you want, you can follow and give some vote
.then i will back you.thanks for stay with me

I knew about the tomato fight in Spain, but I guess i rather get hit by a pillow in the face than by a tomato. Not going to miss this one when visiting NY next time. Fun blog, thank you.



hope so get one pillow @leftbank :D


其实地上就可以捡 lol

I loved that town new york and I like your post @leftbank

how fun! this made me smile.

Hey , thanks for sharing! i to be happy Always keep staying positive! Thanks for a nice post

Wow, an awesome event, it's the best way to help relieve stress and make new friend. Thank you for sharing!

WHAT?? Pillow Fight Event, I thought I'd seen it all. LOL. Never heard of this for sure. It's very interesting. It's so cool lol. To think there's a formal event of this nature is very unique. I wonder if people would do it in my country.

haha yeah it's soooooooo cool!!! try it and people are super nice there indeed!

Türk okuyucular var mı şöyle yeni gelen... hiç birşeyden anlamadan bakinan :))


Looks fun. I wonder what happened to those pillows.

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Look interesting this event now bro..


Love how playful this is! I hope to go one year!

Wow! What an interesting event!
Looks so fun!
What is the date of this event every year?
Thinking to add into my yearly plan with my friends if able~

Thanks for the nice sharing and photos! It is awesome!

Vote saya ya 100%

The guy who started this is a friend of mine. I just showed him your post and he loved it! Too bad he's not on steemit.

That is really cool! Never heard of that before!

Upvoted & following you!

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