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Hello, friends!
I finally found time to get back to the platform after a long absence. I am very grateful to everyone who is reading my post. Hello my dear!

The composition of a photograph. Why do we need a composition in photography? First, to highlight the main object. And secondly, to make the photo three-dimensional (although it is always flat) that is, to convey the depth of space.

3 whale songs:

Balance ( photo 1). It is important to keep balance in the photo. That is, if the main subject is on the right or left of the photo, the opposite side of the frame should not be empty and faceless. Something will certainly need to be placed in this void, otherwise the photo will outweigh on one side. Like scales. The viewer will cause a strange feeling of unjustified empty space.


Scheme (photo 2). Yes, this is the well-known rule of thirds, the Golden section and the pyramid. The composition of the scheme gives us precise instructions on where to place the main object. For example, at the intersection of lines dividing the frame by thirds. To give the photo depth and volume, we can use perspective and diagonal techniques. They surround us everywhere, one has only to try to notice them. Such lines are able to convey the mood of the picture, make it calm or dynamic, and of course talk about the depth of space.


Focus (photo 3). The main object of the snapshot must always be selected. For example, using contrast ( dark background, light object), saturation ( the subject is highlighted in some bright color), geometry ( the main object is located inside a geometric figure, for example, a portrait in the foliage, when the branches form an oval around the person. Or the man at the door, he's kind of inside a rectangle. In fact, there are a lot of such figures around. Try to look around while shooting and you will see them. ). In my photo number 3 I use contrast technique.


Photo number 4 combines 3 methods of composition: scheme, balance, focus.


It is simple, isn't it? The main thing is not to forget about these techniques while pressing the shutter button of the camera. @Anna-Mi


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Great instructional post. Hope I remember some of the good advice when needed. Most my pics are just taken with phone but still could improve on them.

Good to see ya back!!

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