The Life And Times of a Phlebotomist

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Phlebotomist AKA Vampire
I work in a Blood clinic .. taking blood from patients for a variety of reasons and tests . Despite what it involves I never have the same day twice. There are so many challenges . Patients who are needle phobic. Patients who faint. Patients who see you are taking 3 viles and declare 'oh my god that's almost a pint your taking from me!' ( I'm guessing they don't buy milk or have it delivered??? )
Patients who have unusual rhyming first names and surnames ? Patients who have ummm rude surnames . Patients who have unpronounceable surnames . Patients who smell very badly , like they have not showered in weeks. Patients who ask you 'Do you know what your doing? And will you please make sure you find a vein straight away, and by the way I don't have good veins and it usually take them 3 attempts .' 😳
Patients who come to the drop in service , take a number and after two minutes of waiting walk in to where you are taking blood from another patient demanding to know how much longer they are going to have to wait?
All this aside ... as strange as it may seem I do actually love my job!
Yes it was hard not to laugh calling Mrs Sourbutts... but I did it! Yes seeing 150 patients in 4 hours between 3 of us is fast paced , and you don't get time for a wee or get to drink your coffee whilst it's still hot. The constant hand washing can dry your skin ( but I have a good moisturiser) but it feels so good when even just one of those patients tells you .. 'You made me feel really relaxed ... I didn't even feel it' or 'I was so nervous but that was great I didn't even notice it' that makes it all worth while to me.


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