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Today I had a taste of phishing in my account after a comment by a user who had bad intention, it was not a good feeling. He had out 6 SBD but who knows how much someone can loose the next moment being a victim.
This time it was not a link but tag usage and surprisingly it went through steemconnect since I had my autologin saved. This can be very tricky stay away from unknown steemaians.
This acts can be very discouraging and off cause my next idea was to quit steemit after wasting much time in content creations.
I'm always telling my friends about steemit, but I think we need to be extra careful.
The rate of phishing is alarming
I know steemit can't be responsible for such acts but to the extend of a phisher using steemconnect is very Risky.Guys let's stay alert and steem on. I won't give up!!!
He being smart enough sent the SBD to @bittrex in my name but I'm only 3 months old on steemit not registered on bittrex yet...


Guys let's stay alert

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Hackers every where.. Always trying to spoil the soup anywhere they go. Thanks for this piece of information bro. Resteemed

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Firstly, I'm VERY sorry you lost so many SBD - that's about how much I hope to earn in from a month of hard work on steemit. These lazy but clever people are a puss-filled sore on the backs of good people like us. But may I give you a lecture with two main points.

if you only read the many warnings and heeded them, then you would not have your browser set to auto fill active key or any key! There is a steemconnect confirmation, for your safety not your inconvenience. The whole point of it is to keep you safer but those safeguards only work if the end user is reading. If you were here I'd do what my dear granny did when I didn't heed her repeated warnings .. send me outside to find the perfect, most swishy stick on a tree so she could use it to mark the warnings out on the part of My anatomy that I'd select myself.

That second thing, black is the color of my beautiful state of mind. It's a thing of pride and substance. White is a state of innocence. But some people still use it as a word to refer to a group of folks with light skin .. it started when that group subjugated others with the claim they were superior those others who they see as inferior. Let's call bad inventions dark to avoid confusion.

Much love and thanks for your warning here my brother. Now head outside and pull that green swishy branch off a bush and scratch the word LastPass onto it, then place it in a prominent place next to your computer.

I posted something about keys last week - read yesterday's comments between myself and @wandrnrose7 too below that post.

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This is so unfortunate and must be stopped. But everyone must be on guard and have a good security system to their account. Hope to see you recover from this bro. Thanks for the alert @raskhern

This is so unfortunate and must be stopped. But everyone must be on guard and have a good security system to their account. Hope to see you recover from this bro. Thanks for the alert @raskhern

Thank you @mcsamm

Oh bro, this os terrible.
Did you finally recover the money?
Did bittrex refund it?

No i sent a memo to bittrex but no avail