The Vision of the Blinds | The Incident that changed my life - Life Lesson #1

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Hello steemians, have you ever wondered what blind people see or imagine. So get ready to go on a adventurous journey where there are things beyond your wildest dreams.

Recently when i was on a trip to Islamabad - A city of Pakistan, in the night time i was feeling really bored so igot out of the apartment for a lonely walk. When i saw a blind crossing the road without any help or support. I was like even i cant cross road that well so i ran up to him and forced helped him. And when we had passed the road he didnt thank me, instead he said dont you want to know how i was passing the busy road all by myself. This question intrigued me so i said yes. then he took me to a bench where we both sat and i ordered some tea for both of us.

After getting some acquaintance with him, i repeated his question again, HOW...?

He smirked and  said first you tell how your world look like, and then i exaggerated everything i could like very colourful and magical etc etc.

Then he told me the truth beyond my expectation. He told me that was no alone passing the road.  People who cant see have god for them to guide and God is the best guider. He then told me that normal people have only one kind of world to See.

People who look like humans, colors which shine like colours but we blind can see what you normal people can never see, colors beyond your wildest imagination are a part of our world. And you know what we dont have a limit of our imagination these five senses of yours have made a boundary which you just cant pass. But we extra ordinary people dont have any boundary of our imagination, dont have a limit to our colors brightness, and dont have a limit to ecstasy..

After listening to all this i was feeling much less than i was feeling before, then he asked me do you know how nothing look like, and i answered no then he told me that nothingness is like an empty canvas with imagination as your painting toolkit. Whatever we imagine just comes to life on our canvas.

And the most astounding thing he said was :

We blind can best imagine god, because our imagination has no end unlike yours. Your five senses makes your vision small and pity.

After all this i was just stunned by the amazing vision the blind had without eyes, and last but not the least he said do you want to know why God made me blind, cause the first thing he want me to see is himself....
That night gave me the greatest lesson of my life, that for grateful even nothing is everything. And for people like us even after everything there is nothing...

Thanks for reading through the story, may we become grateful for what we have and hopeful for what we want. Feel free to upvote or Resteem the post if you like, and follow me for more Content...

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Love your story thank you for helping me be free from feeling sorry for anything I see that is blind and to let go of any fear I might become blind which I have had often!

Thanks, by the way love your posts too, infact you are the one who introduced steemit to me via facebook.

Great post, UpVoted and ReSteem.....keep on writing such good post, and I will come to your blog frequently.

Great read, Will be looking forward to your posts.

Up-voted :-)


@talalofficial got you a $0.59 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@talalofficial got you a $0.59 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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Yes, I often wonder how I would get around if I were to go blind. Should I go blind, I would focus on music and audio books for my saving grace. Thanks for the uplifting post.