Climate Change Politics are About Control, Not Saving the World

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Climate change is a hot button topic right now. It is all political and academic types scream and holler about. For the sake of argument, let's assume anthropogenic climate change is occurring. Let's assume the absolute worst.

As an aside, I don't think it's as big of issue as made out by political types. Constantly yammering about climate change is a way to scare people into compliance. It's a tactic for control.

Nonetheless, let's just conclude all the noise about climate change is real and the doomsayers are right and the world is burning.

People's immediate reaction is to get the government involved. Their response is to regulate climate change out of existence. They want as much government involved as possible. They believe the ecological crisis is best averted by knighting politicians and handing them the sword.

Awful idea.

Governments are not incentivized to address and solve any problem. Government's are not beholden to the citizenry if they fail at their tasks. It's not like people can "get their money back" or disband the organization. If climate change is as bad as people say, why install the worst possible organization to fix the problem?

Government is just a group of thieves and murderers. Why would a group of megalomaniac criminals want to prevent the world from falling apart? They revel in catastrophe. When they are handed power they do not use it to save mankind. To the contrary, they use their power to keep people enslaved to their machinations.

In my estimation, all the people who buy into the climate crises narrative are buying into government propaganda. They are falling victim to fear tactics, which in turn amplifies the power of government, giving them even more control over the bleating sheeple.

If climate change is indeed a genuine problem, let's leverage the power of human compassion and free market entrepreneurship to alleviate climate change. Let's cooperate nonviolently to help restore balance to the environment. Propping up kings and despots only makes things more grave, and it lowers the dignity of humanity in the process.

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Well, to argue, the govt involvement is needed if you want a bigger impact. How much involvement, that can be argued. But its needed.

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This is a great read. Totally agree

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Agree with your take on CC as propaganda and a means for divide and control of the population, rather than an actual statement of impending global doom and destruction :)

Yep. It seems apparent with all the knuckle-dragging and hollering that comes along with it.