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Inter-Species Love - The Legal Kind

Want to see some amazing videos of animals expressing love and communicating with humans affectionately?

A swan giving a hug with her neck..

A dolphin asking for help to remove a fishing hook..

An orangutan communicating with sign language about the loss of her baby and showing empathy to the trainer who lost her baby..

An elephant who laid by the grave of her human companion who had shared their entire lives together, the elephant never got up and starved to death from grief...

These, and countless stories like them detail the deep connection between our brother and sister species.

This shows that love and relationship is not restricted to our species, that compassion can be shared with others and this relationship is deep and can have a profound effect!


We already know the love and understanding we share with dogs and cats and other "pets''. These 'animals', and other living and loving beings we share this planet with, are just as sentient as we are!

For those who care to, we are able to communicate and share love across species.

This woman is able to communicate with a black panther! Don't believe me? Watch the video...

Religious texts reference a time when humans shared this earth equally with animals and were able to communicate openly with them. I believe this was only pre-language as we know it; and we are able to communicate on a non-language level still, just as you're certain you can communicate with your pets (you can).

We can communicate with all other life! Sometimes it requires another language, sometimes a different perspective, dimension or paradigm; or sometimes gestures, images, or emotion; however, the outcome is always the same, a connection.

The feeling of sharing my life experiences with other sentient beings is immensely satisfying. I spent just under an hour swimming freely with wild dolphins and it was one of the most transcending experiences I have ever had!

dolphin snap.png

I uploaded this video to DTube (The Steemit 'Tube), it was my first time using it and it went great! Just click the picture to check it out!

My Radical Perspective Shift

I was walking around the markets in Thailand and as I walked through the meat section in the coastal market I came across carcass after carcass of ducks, pigs, sharks, eels, chicken feet, cow hoof, sting ray, you name it... all manner of life! The smell was horrendous. In the corner there was a section (probably just for tourists) of live animals locked in cages and small aquariums, frogs piles 3 layers high rotting alive, eels laying over top, turtles in cages no bigger than their shell, birds stuck flightless. With a sign above them:

"Pay to free the animals - brings good luck."

Now, to those of you who are disgusted, living in the western world, and thinking:

"Only in Asia would they treat animals this way!"

I'll just say. In Asia it's just a little more truthful, in the west, the tortures and atrocities take place in massive factories and farming operations, no different than the situation I described here.

I mean, for Thanksgiving we have this weird thing where we stick a chicken carcass inside the hollowed out body of a duck carcass and shove that inside the hollowed out body of a turkey carcass and cover it in dead pig slices, we call this a delicacy...

This thought carried a bit further, I believe in the concept:

"As above, so below. As within, so without."

On one level it means that how we interact with the world around us, in turn, affects the way the world interacts with us, a sort of universal mirroring. As I walked through that market, not only witnessing the disrespect towards an animal life I saw a blatant disrespect toward human life, as humans were doing horrendous things to ourselves and each other.


Cubicle farm.jpg


"You are what you eat"

Never has this phrase rang so true to me.

Maybe, we humans are suffering because all we eat is suffering...

I found a modicum of understanding in the way human life is being treated in such a way as well, where we spend our lives pent up, our talents wasted, creativity and freedoms lost and began to wonder:

Is this a parallel to the way we treat other life forms? Have we enslaved ourselves the same way we have attempted to enslave our natural world?

Maybe we're able to justify treating other life this way because we're treating ourselves this way?

Just a bit deeper. Many (vegan) agricultural operations are just the same. Where we plant rows and rows of monocrops, the situation for the plants is no better than the animals, tortured, poisoned, segragated and crowded...

crop duster.jpg

Hunted to Extiction

Over 322 beautiful species have gone extinct from humans, mainly from hunting, how many more will follow?

At any rate, I have been tinkering back and forth with being vegetarian/vegan and slowly cutting out different animal/meat sources the last few years, mostly for ethical, financial, ecological and personal health reasons; but now I believe I found an existential reason for avoiding this old practice.

Anyways, thought I'd share an 'ah ha' moment I had recently!

What are your thoughts on this, I would love to hear them?


Word-Smithing New Societies


Our NeighbourGood and The HEART Collaborative


lovely post.. and SO happy to see you joined us on the ecoTrain! Animals are SO smart and in tune its incredible. They put us to shame really! THose who have pets of almost any kind come to learn how smart they are.. i mean, i can TALK to my dog and he talks back and understand me!!

Two days ago i was crossing the road in India and this big ol Goat comes walking across. Goats have loads of character! As soon as I saw him I connected with him and said hi in a friendly tone. You could see he got it immediately and came straight to me and started rubbing himself up against me.. I have the same thing with cats, and dogs. They often come running up to me for a cuddle even without prompting.. THey know. THey are not only intelligent but very psychic and in tune with the cosmic consciousness..

One of my favorite things to do is feed any animal. I can do that all day long.. and have done! My dog is very lucky lets just say that!

Great theme.. love it! thanks for reminding us how amazing animals are.. and how nearly all countries treat them so horrifically. It is one of the greatest crimes of humanity really, even if you say it's natural to eat meat. .. it ISNT natural to treat animals the way we do.

Yes! Absolutely!

"THey are not only intelligent but very psychic and in tune with the cosmic consciousness.."

They also are very capable inter-dimensional travelers. I don't believe most animals are wasting their time when they're "sleeping" ;)

"even if you say it's natural to eat meat. .. it ISNT natural to treat animals the way we do."

Absolutely! Also, I don't believe it's natural to eat meat. I believe it was only meant to be a source of energy as a last resort and with great respect towards the life taken. But, that is just me! When I was moving away from meat, at first it was to avoid the factory farmed meat and I believed 'free range' was better. But, after several attempts at trying to incorporate this, my body and mind just kept rejecting it altogether. I now have my own understanding to why that was :)

Further, how long have you been in India? What are you doing there? We are considering India as a potential home for Our NeighbourGood if Bali doesn't sort out. I'd love to know your thoughts on that!

i like what you say.. and agree.. well mostly! SOme people really do need to eat meat but that is not me or you! As we rise up our vibration then we naturally stop desiring it.. and then it is even bad for us.. ive had some great Vegan workshops and also learned how were really not equipt to deal with eating large amounts of meat.

I like how Indians balance it.. Its very common here that people eat meat once or twice a week.. and that is a special occasion.. ANyone who has had a good curry knows that you dont really miss the meat when you cook well!

Ive been here since 2006.. so around 11 years now.. more or less full time.. id say 80% im here on the mountain!
India is amazing.. and perhaps suited to you in many ways..

no where is perfect though and India does have its fair share of issues.. For you that may be a simple as not being able to buy or own land .. so even basic security might be an issue.. Personally i took a risk and have a lifetime lease.. that may or may not be honored.. who knows. for me its ok.. i prefer to go with the 'luck' and take a chance rather than not get to try al all..

NOrth and south are Very different.. That would be your first choice in india.. Feel free to ask more!

"Ive been here since 2006.. so around 11 years now.. more or less full time.. id say 80% im here on the mountain!
India is amazing.. and perhaps suited to you in many ways.."

Does said mountain have access to a natural untainted spring?! If so, I'm there! I would love to come visit. We are planning a trip to india in the coming months to see what is all about! We are on the hunt for a piece of land to make our home.

"Personally i took a risk and have a lifetime lease.. that may or may not be honored.. "

At the root of it, this is the same condition everywhere in the globe. Personally, I don't see any higher risk in it...

I want tropical, I want semi-secluded, I want high rainfall, I want a spring. That is all. Not so much ;)

we are lucky with water in many ways. we DO have a private spring.. its pretty good water but a bit brown! I use a good water RO UV machine for the kitchen. I have to finish my gravel and sand filter outside to clean it up a bit really!

What an exciting search you have on! india is MASSIVE.. maybe i can help guide you a bit.. do you know what you are looking for??

What you describe does sound like Kodaikanal! Alternately in the north at the right altitude can be pretty stunning! Very different world..

Would love to see you one day here.. bring Steemit to reality a bit!

YES! I would love that as well! Assuming you're in Kodaikanal, I'll have to make that a stop! A private spring is fantastic. Tell me, is there a waterfall or forest or lake within a reasonable walking/trecking distance? If so, expect us there in january or february!!

um.. YES ;-) waterfall,, CHECK.. private yes! It has a small knee deep pool with it.. Very nice little spot!

and huge forests just 10 minutes up the hill.. LOt of eucalyptous.. full of animals big and small!

There is so much to this beautiful post. Thank you for the koko the gorilla vid, which I hadn't seen. Your theory's very interesting, too - I wouldn't know but did hear one "spiritual teacher" suggest that the world's suffering would end if everybody stopped eating meat. I've been veggie for years but still have to make that step into veganism.

You're very welcome :)

I do believe that if we follow what is best for ourselves and we live true to that purpose then we will end suffering :) But, that is of course easier said than done!

Just out of curiosity. Why do you say "still have to make that step into veganism." ?

Because that would be my eventual aim. I believe that veganism is the healthiest option all round - and I might manage it were I alone but tbh my partner would not survive veganism. Not yet...:)

Haha, I completely understand that one. I was a bit violent in my approach when I coerced my partner into going meatless. It was a tough time in our relationship no doubt. She is hardcore against meat now(for events unrelated to my actions), but for a while there it was pretty intense! I don't condone my actions of coercing people into it, I have done a lot of personal growth since that time in my life. But, it worked ;). You can always just try a couple weeks off and see what happens, you know, just for fun!

Very good post. I am glad you pointed out that the market in Thailand was just more upfront about it.

I communicate with my rescued Scrub Jay Blue. We have a strong bond over 18 years. He also imprinted to me. I do not condone making wild birds pets. I consider him my companion. I found him wet out of the egg. It was a unique situation... let him die or let him live. Long story but Corvids are smart. He knows when I am happy or sad or when I am ill. Its amazing. Thanks for the great post.

Absolutely! I find westerners (even myself at one point) are quick to notice the differences of eastern countries, but fail to connect the similarities we all share. All of humanities issues are shared globally today.

That sounds like a beautiful relationship you share with the Scrub Jay blue! Animals have an acute sense of emotional awareness, we humans have that same ability, but it's often masked with cultural prejudices and stigmas. I have occasionally dreamed of being able to rescue baby animals like wolves and panthers to be able to grow with them in companionship. I would never take one from their home, so I will just have to go live next to them :)

Thank you for sharing your story :)

He's beautiful by the way (assuming your picture is him).

Yes that's him but here is one of him sun trancing on my hand, something they do in nature too but hard to catch as they have to feel super safe. Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I worked with Native Animal rescue for a bit. It was very rewarding,


That is a gorgeous photo!!! Truly amazing that he's on your hand :)

I'd be interesting to read about some experiences you had rescuing animals if you ever wanted to share :) A post idea possibly ;)

I LOVE dolphins! Amazing you got to interact with them!

It was truly magical! I love dolphins too they're such majestic beautiful beings!