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Without my permission, what can exist is nothing, because if I don't know about something, then that thing does not exist.















I don't quite agree with you that if you don't know sit anything that thing does not exist.

It may exists in another man's world

another imaginary man

Denial doesn't justify/eradicate truth. And, truth is the highest yield for authenticity.


I dont comprehend these big words

Allow me to offer an example:

If you choose to deny that someone stole all of the BTC from your account, doesn't mean that it didn't happen. Without your permission, this did happen. And, you will know this theft existed (occurred) when you check your Wallet. ;+)

Bottom line: Just because you choose to not believe, doesn't make an event, and the consequences thereof, any less real.

Best regards!


I have had this experience of bitcoin vanished my wallet, and I did not blame anyone but myself, for improperly securing my private keys

I have had this experience of bitcoin

Perhaps, this is why the Holy Spirit gave me this example.
Initially, I was going to use the analogy of an unfaithful spouse; but was drawn to this instead.

I did not blame anyone but myself, for improperly securing my private keys

Unfortunately, some of life's most valuable/wisest lessons are very expensive.


Hahaha. Am sorry they i sounded a bit serious about the point

Who gives a fuck about pseudo-intellectualism?

Nice pic of the diggers...

roads never end..

Well, that is true...
Whatever that is, to us, is that which we are consciously aware of.
Even if other things are, because we are not aware, they probably are not alteast to us.
Not knowing about something then invalidates its existence hence its out of the bounds of our consciousness.
Great philosophy snippets you've been sharing even though i have not agreed with each one of them.

Exactly. People watch the news about on-goings in the world and in doing so let it have a saying and effect in and on their very own existence. Turn off the TV and internet and the only yhing that will exist is your immediate surroundings.

This sounds like you are a metaphysical solipsist.

I am, like Christine Ladd-Franklin, surprised there are not more of us.

us?... nah
I... yeh

I exist with or without your permission, and did so before you knew about me.

I know your words on the screen, and that's all I know

And yet I exist.

yes, persistence is a great creative tool, you got me

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But the reality is that ignorance cannot buy us time, better one gets into the reality side of every chapter

Well said, without a "pseudo-intellectual" twist to boot! Reality far exceeds perception!


Nice pictures my bro! @pinacle 👌👌

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Great revelation @pinacle

The amazing photographer man!

That's a great philosophy bro... The same philosophy works here As quoted by Henry Ford — 'Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.'. If you believe and think that you can achieve anything in life whatever you want will be within your grasp. If you don't know what sadness, disappointed feels like. They don't exist for you. If all in our brain the part we feed grows.

If you don't know what sadness, disappointed feels like.

This would make you a human with issues...Words like narcissistic, psycho/sociopath come to mind.


Well I was just making a point if you are depressed and you think in your brain "what is this? Why am I sad.. Being sad won't make things better. Things work out when you are happy and enthusiastic about life." and then you feel yes that's a valid point. It's all in your brain, the way you look at things. Nothing else.

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What is your philosophy in this photos. Can you please elaborate?

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There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don’t know

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Let it exist or not but enjoy it to the fullest . don't you think so.

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Really Impressive photography.... really nice i must say...👌

Exactly brother, if I don't know about something, than that thing doesn't exist (at least for me)

great shots, i like the mini falls plus the tree it's refreshing @pinacle

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Did you know that a Potato and a Taco could make a Pancake I didnt either hehe. The reason why i didnt know that is because It doesnt exist I just came up with it.

Without my permission
do girls ask for it when they touch it :p

Amazing @pinacle, beautiful photography

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If you want a peaceful life, try not to know everything.
BTW beautiful pictures.
Thanks for your post.

lols. you want to say seeing is believing. isn't it? The problem with this thinking is it doesn't work all the time. Let us suppose you are driving and you don't see a big trailer coming towards you.
By the way pics are amazing. keep sharing @pinacle

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Thanks for your honesty.

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PS: I'm into philosophy and definitely I'll check out your work.

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Oh well, welcome to the wonderful world of STEEM "blogging"!!! ;+)

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I enjoy the pics just the same.


takes me hours of bicycle riding to get these pictures

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As long as people enjoy your pics (as I do) keep doing your work. If you're botted into a 90 rank (presuming that you use bots)...not my business.

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To everyone else, let's face it, if everyone was a minnow/plankton, the payout would be...shall I say...obscure? And, before we start the conversation about changing the Steemit rules...let's not waste precious energy going there.

Best regards.