Qualia - Everyone Sees The World Differently

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We experience the world and that is more than just processes in the brain, it is contents of consciousness. However, the subjective experience content of a mental state can neither be captured through measurements nor expressed through words. Everything feels different for everyone in a certain way when we experience something.

This is called Qualia. This can be well represented by the example of colors. An object is not objective. Blue color does not really exist in the world. The impression of color is actually created in the brain. And precisely because this is so, we could never be sure that your red is also my red.

Colors are created in the brain by different wavelengths of light. In childhood we learn which color has which name. We assign a certain name to a certain color experience.

But how should i know that your experience of red is the same as my experience of red? The answer is: not at all. That is impossible to know. We have no access to the experience of other people. We are actually completely alone in our perception of the world. The psyche of others is unattainable for us. And also the objective reality is unattainable for us. Something that is experienced as outside and independent of one is only as it is for one, because the brain makes it appear so. And one consideration we also have to draw attention to is that there may be no real look of things.

In order to have my sight, there must always be a looking one and he always sees with his subjective instruments, his senses.

In this picture you can only see black spots of different shapes and sizes, right?

But then, once you have seen this second picture here,


you suddenly recognize in the previous picture what it shows. The chaos of black spots suddenly becomes a meaningful structure. Only by the memory of the other picture.

And surely you also know the pictures in which two or more different things can be recognized. These pictures show you how subjective the things are. Everyone first sees something else, what his brain und subjetive view show him.
Although the outer stimuli of course do not change, our perception and our experience is different. Our brain creates our reality and only to this reality we have access.

We experience things outside of us, although they arise in us in our brains, for everyone different. It is not easy to become aware of this.

The question that arises naturally is, how does this experience arise?

Is it due to the complex arrangement of matter, i.e. a materialistic explanation?

Or is consciousness perhaps the basis for everything at all?

I'd like to know what you think about.


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I think about the candle/face illusion a lot.

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It's called a "rubin vase."

@oendertuerk i was just scrolling down to get some good article and the main image of your article made me click over here and after reading it let me appreciate your thoughts and work dear.. Such a nice article. Its really true everyone has their own perspective and have different thought process as some one will see it 6 and the other will 9 so we should apreciate everyones thought and try to clear our thoughts so that we dont get confuse.. So in end big thanks for such a beautiful article keep.posting more=)

many thanks @drakoscliff and i am happy that i can touch and bring people to move with my words :)

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We are actually completely alone in our perception of the world.

I'll agree with you that our subconscious creates our perspective of the world. Coincidentally, I just left a response about your Alita review, and I feel that graphic novel really pushes into the subject of subconscious guiding people's personality and perspective of the world.

Though, I didn't know there was a word for this. Happy to add this word to my vocab. :)

animations are the better way of artistic expression, especially because there are no limits like in a live action movie.
If you like animation, science fiction and philosophy, then you have to watch Love, Death & Robots

Love, Death & Robots... highly recommended

What a coincidence (again): a friend introduced me to that show today. I saw the Zima Blue episode. It was quite thought-provoking and still visually dazzling.

I actually haven't seen the Alita animation, only read the graphic novel. But that medium too provides limitless means of expression. It is my first exposure to Japanese literature, so I was positively impressed with how the author had the audacity to coin answers for questions like the meaning of life or humanity. Questions that are merely presented--not answered--in most pieces.

if you liked Batlle Angel: Alita, then take a look at Appleseed or Ghost in the Shell. These are also very philosophical and profound mangas/animes.

Thank you for the suggestion. I just started with Death Note as a large number of friends recommended that.

Skimmed over Appleseed's concept, seems to have a lot of similarities with Battle Angel: Alita. I hope to look into this one soon. :)


Hi there.
Great post. It reminded me of a hay export company I used to work for here in Western Australia. Every year the managers and others would gather to grade the quality of the years hay. It would last a few days and they would look at, feel, smell and sometimes taste the hay. One of the most important aspects of the hay was it's colour. The greener the better. The funny thing was that everyone had a different definition of what good green looked like. Lots of arguments as you can imagine. I believe they now rely much more on laboratory analysis results which would make for a far less entertaining grading experience...... ;-)

For everyone to see/experience the same thing would be really boring. Different views/experience makes life more interesting.

Got it!
But now I'm wondering, if our brain creates our own reality, how could you know that the drawing above means the same for you as for the author?

You see a big old man beetwen the lines... What if the drawer just saw a little mature guy? Or a women? How can you explain that my red is not the same as you red, if we see the same things?

Sometimes the life has just no meaning, it is what it is.

Thanks for your time 🤞

ty you for looking by @cuervonegro and also for looking by :)

please! more articles like this. <3

Hi, your article was interesting, Anyway i'm new on steemit. Nice to meet you!

ty @cryptocorn - welcome to steemit !
i am sure you will enjoy it here ! ;)

Nice write up

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I used to think about that all the time is my green the same as yours but now I think as our brains created equally (mean the brain itself and nerves system) most likely it's the same
Thanks for sharing

I love things like this! Nice one bro. I hope there are more articles like this.. :)

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