From ripples to tidal waves

in philosophy •  10 months ago

This is not some generic blog about consequence, it is indeed quite a bit more than that. Everything we do even breath has an effect on someone or something else it's just a matter of how much an effect. The universe itself is a calculated cause and effect continuum, eventually when enough ripples begin to travel in the same direction they eventually become like tidal waves of mass consequence. The truth we shouldn't really be worrying about our actions based purely on "good" or "bad" and should in fact be far more concerned with the ultimate outcome. Let's try a simple exercise in predicting outcomes shall we? you see a homeless person and you feel compelled to help.homeless-shutterstock.jpg But you have to ask yourself "do i know this person?" " could i be helping a Felon?'' if you believe it reasonably safe to help do you hand them cash money directly? or do you take them to a public restaurant?........... Ready for the answer? a public restaurant why you may ask, because if they are a felon a public restaurant will have witnesses if they try anything, also they may have some kind of addiction such as drugs or alcohol so if you give them money they may simply use it to purchase those instead of food. The ripples from such an event can have either a positive or negative outcome depending on the kind of people living on the streets of your'e city. Though it may hurt, if you live in a city with lot's of crime it's probably best to stay safe and not get involved lest you make things worse for everyone by helping, but if you live in a nice town with relatively little crime, the ripples from this event well be mostly positive in nature. Now let's try something more complex........ You save a life and in gratitude you and this person have an exchange and you tell them to "pay it forward" in other words help someone other than yourself in the future, you have just created a chain reaction that depending on the next action the reaction could be more of the same. alternatively if you kill someone or choose not to save someone the ripples here will move out of your'e control and where they go who can say.084v.png When we choose to take a life or choose not to save one, we create "wild ripples" it is much like closing a door or drawing the curtains, you can not see what's on the other side if your'e vision is blocked by any partition, but there are three main possibility's #1. Someone close want's revenge
#2. You are implicated guilty or not and go to prison
#3. Someone close commit's suicide
We need not only to consider consequences for other's but also for ourselves, actively interfering or always reaching for more can put us in a place where we are worse off than where we were when we first began, for an allegorical example........fma___human_transmutation_by_tindo_chan-d3g54wn.jpg Edward and Alphonse Elric lose their mother to a plague of illness and try and resurrect her with Alchemy, however a price must be paid and Alphonse ends up losing his entire body and Edward losses an arm and a leg, In the end they failed and the thing the see afterwards isn't even their mother and Alphonse soul is trapped in a suit of armor. Fiction true but it is an example of what happens when you meddle with things beyond human control and create ripples for yourself that lead to nothing but misery............. We needn't bother with right or wrong but instead consider the outcome, be enlightened and help to create a positive tidal wave or at least the biggest ripple you can because one thing leads to another as we have seen in some of the above examples..........This is our tidal wave of consequence and a world leader or celebrity will create much larger ripples such as say this guy.....trump-fail-004.jpg If trump get's north Korea to achieve peace it may lead to a reunification of the peninsula through the Avenue of further talks at the dmz, once you get someone to the table it can eventually lead to them coming back to the table for a second time believing they can get something out of it, however a reunification is unlikely but at least North Korea will be de-nuked thus making the world a safer place without so much as a single drop of blood being shed, now if trump had let Kim Jong Un insult Mike Pence and not go to the meeting the North Korean's being Asian would have perceived it as weakness as is their culture, the situation would become worse because they would now view america as weak and attempt a possible attack or even worse, ruin the u.s. reputation overseas changing the world's perception as a whole of the u.s. because leaders both lead and represent.Nylon-American-Flag-closeup-1.jpg We need to recognize the impact of reputation as well as our own well being just as we should consider the same for others, there is a time to be selfish and a time to be selfless and it is imperative that we recognize when the time has the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one, and while that is true we must also realize that to some extent every person even ourselves are important but we must remain legion, a sacrifice must be made as isolated as possible and once all is said and done one must be ready to pick up the pieces and restore as much as possible. When the tidal wave of consequence hits there may be no avoiding it, we must face it, survive it, and rebuild and never build a glass house but a sturdy brick and mortar. Strengthen yourself in whatever way you can in this life, become both the unstoppable force and the immovable objectmartial-artist-750x410.jpg Domenico_Fetti_-_Portrait_of_a_Scholar_-_WGA07862.jpgStudy martial arts, learn a scientific discipline or philosophy and make the best ripples you can in this life for it's betterment, both for you and for me...... for the WORLD.

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