The house of the puppies with luck

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Science suggests that humans evolved from primates, but when I observe the mental capacity with which dogs evolve, I think that they may be our ancestors.

Morphologically and genetically perhaps we don't agree at all, however the Theory of the evolution confirms the incredible effect of the biological adaptation, and the Homo Sapiens is the greater evidence of it, then all probability of evolution is possible.

My idea is crazy, I know, but I like to fantasize because I believe that there are cognitive similarities between dogs and humans, they have one of the most developed ingenuities of the animal kingdom.

Canine intelligence responds easily to human education, they can learn fast habits and patterns to act and communicate, but there are natural behaviors in dogs that are not classified within the acquired behavior, such as their various emotional reactions.

It is right there where there is that close relationship between a person and a dog, in the feelings that both show to feel and for which no logic is required. Apparently we were both born with that instinct. For example, the most surprising value I have recognized in a dog is the resilience, that ability they have to adapt positively to adverse situations, and I thought that only a human could do it.

🐶 The wheels of the Sausage

On the way to my recent hiking trail by a hill with no name I found a house where they had minus five dogs of different breeds, I called her "the house of lucky dogs", because they were rescued by a veterinarian who lives there.

As I approached the gate of the house appeared more and more dogs, all barking and jumping like crazy, and one did it in a very special way.

It was a paralyzed sausage dog that ran thanks to a wheelchair, and that was shocking. He acted like everyone else, was even one of the first to reach the gate.

At first he was barking, but then he just moved his tail and brought his nose to me to smell me. He seemed somewhat older because he looked calmer than the others, but he had the same curiosity about the rest.

I had never seen a dog in that condition, I watched it for a while and each time I was more surprised by its way of acting. I wondered how it was possible that resilience also existed in animals.

He didn't feel limited by not being able to move his hind legs, on the contrary he seemed to take advantage of his wheels. And that was a great lesson of life for me.

❤️ Dogs are born loving

A while ago I read on Facebook a story that went viral, it was a child's conversation with a veterinarian about why dogs lived less than people. The child's dog had cancer and they had to euthanize him.

In the story they say that just after the dog left them they asked themselves that existential question, and the boy surprised them with their response. He explained that "people come to the world to learn to live a good life, how to love others all the time and be a good person, well, as dogs are born knowing how to do all this, they do not have to stay as long as we do''.

I confess that when I read that, the tears came to my eyes, I also had pets that I loved and died, but I felt relieved to read that and agree that it is totally true.

That is why I say that dogs are very intelligent, because of their capacity to love, to get excited, to be sad, to be happy, to feel what their human feels, and to be the most faithful being in the galaxy. If you look carefully the dogs always teach us something: to be better humans. Through their way of seeing life they give us constant messages of how to be happy in a very simple way.

Watch the dachshund and its ability to overcome adversity, see the joy your dog expresses when they get home, analyze how they go crazy with happiness when they take them for a walk for just five minutes, interpret the satisfaction they feel a dog when lying on the grass and spinning. For that ability to enjoy life is that I think dogs are very intelligent, and if you have one I assure you that you are a lucky person.

📷 All the photographs are of my authorship and I captured it with a Sigaron Xtreme CX-5000 camera.


With love and a little patience, dogs can learn to walk backwards, salute and bow.

Oh yes! Patience is the most important thing 😅

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