The steemit model as masoncerritos is beginning to understand. TOS magic. lol

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To me this model appears to be one based off of the social cultural moors of anarchy. Not the stupid form of anarchy that most governments (mind control) wants you to believe in. No this anarchy model seems to be off of the notion that everyone is sovereign. Meaning responsible to take care of themselves and follow the only real law there has ever been.

"Harm No One!"


If you do accidently harm someone than of course you are supposed to do everything in your power to make it right with that someone you harmed.

That is why they don't want people plagiarizing. It's harming someone!

So why do most steemans not want spam? It is not harming anyone?

I have noticed that dog poop doesn't harm anyone, but you wouldn't want your dog to poop in your living room.

Why do steemians get upset at people who have many accounts, I mean it says right in the TOS (Terms of Service) that they can pay for extra accounts on the Blockchain?

Steemit is a totally new business model. In previous pay for participation models it was against the TOS's and I think the ideology somehow worked itself into the cultural context. One has to open their mind and examine the evidence, then decide for themselves how steemit works. See the history of pay for participation websites in the past.


If you check the TOS it says you can upvote your other accounts for curations and Steemians call this a "Curation trail." People need to stop assuming they know things without checking the TOS. Otherwise you end up breaking that anarchy rule we talked about by improperly flagging people's post and comments. This is like taking a big shit in the steemit token pool as it lowers the value of the steemit pool and it doesn't matter how cute it looks. It also lowers your reputation which influences how you get paid and the power of your downvote or flag.

What about those people who have huge Steemitpower and flag post?

If you think about it they also get rewarded quite handsomely, They have a lot of value stored in the steemitpower and in some cases specifically to prevent people from taking that shit in the Steemit pool we were just talking about. There are no rules and there are no police who want to be mommy and daddy. As adults we are expected to take care of ourselves and the value of steem. No one who has the Steempower and reputation is going to abuse the system. They have too much invested to screw with the value that way. Less value in the steemit pool means less value to go around, so even if someone gets abusive it isn't going to last as the whales get together and straighten things out.


Ask yourself the hypothetical question if I was a whale and I saw another whale abusing the minnows and making the Steem pool less valuable what would I do?

I know what I would do.

I would get together with some other whales and straighten things out.

How about you?


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Thank you for such a well thought set of guidelines which are seemingly just assumed here. Hopefully enough people will see this as to better understand the ecosystem here and what it truly means.

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HolySmoke! ... Great post !! One question.. What's TOS ??

Terms of Service. It is the logic and the reason of your use and membership. The terms just means to most people the condition of your use. I will be posting more such post because it is magic what knowing the in's and the out's of what is doable. lol

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