Operation Curation Delegation - Daily Compilation Post #4

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@ocd 's Daily Compilation Post #4 today highlights five (5) incredible pieces of content created by the Steemit community. These pieces of content were among a batch of content nominated for entry into today's post. The eighteen (18) curators part of @ocd led by @acidyo work hard to identify these pieces on content that haven't gotten the eyeballs and recognition they deserve.
This week was especially tough to narrow the nominations down to the top five you see selected here. The following five pieces of incredible content are the ones that rose to the top today through a voting process designed by @acidyo .

Today, the most voted on piece of content by the curators of @ocd is @perceptualflaws life story titled, "A Thank You To A Friend (my reason for starting to write again)." His story acts as a "digital tombstone" for his friend that passed away last year.
In this absolutely heart-wrenching story, @perceptualflaws describes the memory of his friend in great detail discussing their shared memories, experiences, journeys, and inspirations. This piece of life content might bring a tear or two but it will certainley help any Steemian understand the meaning of the word friendship. Nominated by @gmuxx , check out his story here: https://steemit.com/life/@perceptualflaws/a-thank-you-to-a-friend-my-reason-starting-writing-again

The second nominated (by @anomadsoul ) post today is @irime 's amazing travel article titled: "Mountains, coffee culture and colorful extravagance – Let me introduce my hometown: Xalapa, Mexico (AKA the place from where jalapeno peppers come from!)"
@irime 's comprehensive personal review of her hometown of Xalapa dives in to the history of the region, the culture, and the best things to do while visiting. All the amazing photographs in this article really caught the attention of the curators and how she gracefully intertwines the history and culture of Xalapa using this amazing photographs as backdrops is truly an example of a great piece of content on Steemit. Check it out here: https://steemit.com/travel/@irime/mountains-coffee-culture-and-colorful-extravagance-let-me-introduce-my-hometown-xalapa-mexico-aka-the-place-from-where-jalapeno

@grocko 's short story titled: "Dust Devil - Part 01" is the third post highlighted this week by @ocd . This short story nominated by @elteamgordo intertwines cryptocurrency based society, Martians, and minus fifty degrees Fahrenheit for an absolute epic read.
The curators regarded the unique plotline and writing ability highly to vote this amazing piece of content into the top five. The immersive nature of the story of this story will have you dialed into this article. Cant't wait to see if Part Two makes it onto @ocd 's Daily Compilation Post. Check out Part One here: https://steemit.com/writing/@grocko/short-story-dust-devil-part-01

The fourth nominated post is @koromandia 's travel post titled: "13 great things to see and do in Argentina". Nominated by @samanthabonin , this post is absolutely one of the most comprehensive travel articles you will find on Steemit.
In this post, @koromandia details the best things to do in Argentina he learned from traveling for seven months there. And when we say details, he DETAILS his recommendations with amazing photographs, stories, and knowledge it will be leave any Steemian booking the next flight to Argentina. Check out this amazing example of travel content in the Steemit community here: https://steemit.com/travel/@koromandia/13-great-things-to-see-and-do-in-argentina

The fifth and last nomination of today's Daily Compilation post is @masoncerritos philosophy post titled: "The steemit model as masoncerritos is beginning to understand. TOS magic. lol" Beating out three other articles in a tiebreaker, this article nominated by @jacobchamplain frames the Steemit culture in a way that is very unique and made it stand out to the curators.
His article revolves around the notion that the model of Steemit is "harm no one" and is an interesting read that will get your brain thinking in a different perspective. He also uses anarchy as a way to frame this discussion which is an absolute must read. Check it out here: https://steemit.com/philosophy/@masoncerritos/the-steemit-model-as-masoncerritos-is-beginning-to-understand-tos-magic-lol

This concludes @ocd 's Daily Compilation Post #4. Hope you enjoy these amazing pieces of content and future pieces of content from these high quality Steemian authors. Stay tuned tomorrow for @ocd 's Daily Compilation Post #5.

@ocd is also developing a payout system to reward the authors featured this post as another way to show @ocd support of quality content creator in the Steemit community.

Keep on creating that quality content Steemians, you never know when the curators of @ocd will be around :)

Written by @chiefmappster

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So good info in here, thanks for this post


This comment has received a 0.10 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @hamzaoui.

Just wanted to say I appreciate you including my article on your list (Argentina stuff). It was my fifth long form travel related submission on Steemit and the first to get... I'll go with "recognition".

I think these kind of projects (such as the OCD), which are trying to surface otherwise overlooked quality content are to be applauded. Further on they are excellent indicators of the extent to which Steemit users go to connect, innovate and find ways to make the platform adapt to how they perceive it should be working.

The level of engagement, which can be seen by the sprouting of auxiliary tools (Websites, chats,...) the users are creating and using in order to further their causes on Steemit is something that is practically unheard of when it comes to other social media channels.

It shows tremendous potential for Steemit in terms of mass adoption, while at the same time highlights the numerous user experience aspects of the platform in which it falls short. The main one being ease of finding relevant content for an individual.

With that I especially allude to a newly registered user that is not prepared to devote a significant amount of time to learning about the platform and scouring through the often too similar trending channels.

Imagine the growth of Steemit if it actually had a friendly user interface :)


Hopefully, as the platform gets more popular and adopted by people from other Social Media platforms, Steemit and Steemians themselves will co-evolve ways to make everything a bit more intuitive and approachable. I am only a few weeks on and have given a lot of time to trying to understand things here, but I know many people don't have the time and might be dissuaded to try. I also have been trying to find people with similar interests by googling topics + steemit and many times I find that people seem to have started an account and then drifted away after a few weeks or months. Even though I know there is a huge rush to get on here, if simple issues like these don't get resolved soon, the community might run out of Steemians.


You are spot on buddy with your words. We are just trying to do our part to help this Steemit community grow.

The trends you have noticed are definitely very good indicators for the future of Steemit. I personally am looking forward to more of your content. Keep doing great things :)

So happy my suggestion was selected, a very moving story from @perceptualflaws
Also stoked for @grocko's awesome Martian cyberpunk.
All the 5 mentions are most worthy though, great job team.


@gmuxx I really do appreciate you putting forward my work. You're a top man and a credit to Steemit! I hope you're having a great weekend and thanks a million for all the help you've given myself and others. I'll catch up with you soon my friend.

Woooww amaizing your post..
I like it..

Congratulations to all the winners and thank for hosting this contest :)

Congrats to all of the users nominated today, and to the top 5 selected for the daily compilation!

interesting, i follow you
to know more

All of those sound really interesting, especially the short story! The discovery of this account will surely lead to lot more reading done that I'll end up doing on the platform as good content is not always that easy to dig out.


Ayy heck yeah thats awesome to hear. Trying to reward the authors but also save readers time and effort :)


That's great, I view this as a resource.


Now this...is certainly something ! Great visuals and expression referrals, thank you @ocd !


Thank you from a fellow Gemini :)

You guys doing a great job.

Congrats to steemians who are rewarded for their awesome content. :)

It motivates a lot to newbies like me to create some outstanding article. Working hard to get that one day.


Ay you'll there buddy, just keep working at it :)

I just hope my perspective on the steemit world is helpful to my fellow steemians.

@ocd Thank you so much for including my post, it really is appreciated. This is an inspiring project that's alive with some great talent so I'm truly humbled that my writing has been selected. Once again thank you.

These people don't like pizza appearantly

nice compilation tho..


The pizza post is in the vote for tomorrows compilation
Youll have to wait till tomorrow to see if we like pizza as much as whales do


Yay! I certainly do :)


Yeah @pizzachain I also wonder if these OCD chaps likes Humor or Extravagant content at all for their selected compilations.

You actually would be surprised how much underrated are and have been those two tags or keywords in bold above on steemit since day one. :D

Really loving this entire OCD thing. Going to be following this for more great finds.

Good post, i like that.
Please follow me n upvote me.
Regard @madcool

Interesting reads again! Thanks! @icgoodthings

i dont really understand how is this work :D , can someone explain ?

This is such a great idea! So glad to find you guys through your comment on @aboutyourbiz . It is rather difficult to sift through all the content on here and find the gems. I know it will get easier, but operations like yours, dear @ocd make me feel like it will happen sooner than later. Thank you for this idea and I now know where to go to find great, underappreciated content! Cheers @ecoknowme

Wow, I have always wondered what OCD is and I think I kind of understand what it is now... I think, but yes, great work in nominating really good articles to look into!