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If you’ve been following along with various thoughts I share online, you may know I’ve really enjoyed learning from fascinating people like Jed McKenna (pen name), Thomas Campbell, Nassim Haramein, Michael Schneider, Teal Swan (and others) along with many in person conversations with friends and acquaintances (too many to list). These multidimensional thinkers share a passion of mine to know the unknowable. To be fully aware. To follow The Way (to use a biblical reference from earlier in my life). The most fascinating conversations to me are the ones that explore what life is all about. Invariably this leads to some version of cogito, ergo sum which involves us as sense-data collecting individuated units of consciousness. The fun part, for me, is becoming more open to infinite possibility and not quickly discrediting things I haven’t personally explored.

I wrote a post a few years back with the title “Losing Eternity” where I surrendered the label “Christian” as part of my journey of understanding. It was one of the most difficult changes in my life involving ego death of a label defining my core identity. The fun irony is, I may be recapturing aspects of this label without the religious branding. I may someday write a “Finding Eternity” post which would remind me again how easy it is to fall into the trap of “knowing” things which I don’t really know.

I’m embracing the journey. I like the idea we may be in a digital consciousness training simulator. I like thinking about how avoidance blocks the evolution of our consciousness (possibly the whole reason we’re here). I like how removing entropy in our awareness increases our capacity for love. I like the idea of a universal connectedness to source and separation, along with time and space, being mere illusions. I like the abundant path of service to others in light and love over the scarcity mindset of service to self (and the darkness which that inevitably brings). I like sharing my experiences as they unfold and for the many who appreciate the process with me.

Thank you for being fully and completely you. I look forward to hearing more about your ongoing journey of knowing as well. :)

p.s. Who’s going to Steemfest4? I’ll be there with the whole family. :)

p.p.s. Who’s at World Crypto Con in Vegas? I’ll be speaking on a panel today about interoperability.

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I feel it's possible to hold on to your Christianity while also moving to other levels of spirituality. Recommend reading Ken Wilbur's "A Theory of Everything", Spiral Dynamics, and other similar concepts. Another great book I just discovered and read recently is Social Singularity by Max Borders, it combines the spiral ideas with crypto world as an alternate view of the dystopian "Singularity" many espouse.
Let's not forget that Christianity set an excellent moral foundation, local community gathering, helping, and bonding. My own spiritual journey did not come from Christianity, but rather extreme, unhealthy atheism to a feeling of acceptance and appreciation of all beliefs. It's quite liberating

Hey Luke,
Glad to read you're going to SF4/BKK. I will be happy to meet you again with your whole family.
See you soon...


I have difficult understanding "how removing entropy in our awareness increases our capacity for love'. I might have a clue what you want to say but why not simply saying that a higher awareness = higher love :-)

You can explain me at Steemfest :-)

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It’s a line Thomas Campbell uses which I like very much. To me, it means we’re connected to truth, and according to his theory, truth is we are all one. Separation is an illusion. So connecting with truth in your awareness means you have a higher capacity for loving everything and everyone because you are fundamentally connected to it all.