What Do I Think About Inner Sound....

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I think sound is the most apparent medium to calm our mind. 

Sound can be described as external sound which comes from a external sources and which can be heard by our physical body parts. 

For example when a dog bark,  we can be easily recognized that it was a barking sound and it was coming from dog , i.e, the source.

But in the case of Inner sound we cannot identify the source . It comes from within,to hear this we can meditate because to feel it, One should increase their concentration to withdraw their attention from all the external sources. 

All of us have busy lifestyles and we think we can't meditate because we misinterpret it's meaning.Meditation don't need a specific place or time. It can be done anywhere anytime.

I know all of you might be thinking that how it is possible to make ourself free from distraction in a crowded place. Meditation is not something that needs concentration it is a practice to increase concentration. So, tougher the circumstances more perfection is there.

Let me explain it to you with the help of an example. 

Suppose that you are a maths student. You have practiced the most tough questions. You are prepared for the worst phase then when you will have an easy question. You will easily solve it and if you will get tough question you are prepared for it. 

Similarly, when you know how to meditate in crowded place, you practice mediation then you are prepared to do it anyway anywhere.

One Of the effective way is to take a candle and meditate with it. See its Flame and focus take a deep breath.

 You will feel calmness in you mind. No extra thoughts nothing. You will be able to solve your problems more effectively. It will increase your patience and help you in thinking clearly. 

It is also proven that inner sound meditation has various positive effects on our health like :-

1. Control over anger

2. Understanding in relationships

3. Increases concentration.

4. Improves problem solving.

 It also cures some diseases and keep us healthy.You can see this link for more information

I really don’t know how do I explain what it is all I can tell you is that it has some mysterious effect which is very soothing peaceful. 

When you meditate you want to live in that moment it he some power. And I am so sure about it because I have experienced it.

If we learn to focus then we can achieve everything. - @lovepreet2511


Hello how are you? I have never had the pleasure of meditating, I would like to experience it. I imagine that inner peace must be wonderful.

I like your posts very much, greetings from Venezuela!

Try candle meditation it is easy. You will feel in the very first time. I am very happy that you liked it. Thank you Jenni 😊

I imagine that to start the first time I should be alone

Yes I hope it goes smooth and try it with a candle it will help you to focus because for the first few times it will be tough.

It seems to me that "Inner sound" is not self-generated, but comes from an external source which can only be perceived through a higher-sense perception, through one or another subtle-energy channels. Calming the grosser perceptions, as in meditation, allows the finer sensations to be perceived, just as you can't have a quiet conversation in a noisy disco.

I agree that it needs higher-sense perception
Which can be achieved by meditating with consistency and a strict schedule and if we talk about how it's generated we share what we feel and I respect you point of view but whatever it is it is very calming and gives a unique feel it's a long journey for us

I think meditation is the best way to solve stress problem. I had pains related to stress and also huge anxiety problem. Then i decided to start yoga practice and also meditation and it is magical! It helped me to be mindful and also now i have better coping skills with stress.

It gives peace, meditation can fully transform us. Keep doing it you will see more positive effects not only in your health but in your life too 😊

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