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We are initiated into reality, existence, (1) matter to begin our journey or existence and life. The rest is up to us in (2) conscious awareness , the free will to choose to actively engage in the aspiration towards a (3) "spiritual"/moral calling of truth, goodness, right and morality, through the (2) care for truth to reach (d) higher, truer potential versions of ourselves by changing and living in (a) Moral Law.

Most people do not take up the reigns of the journey towards higher moral truth and engaging in the alchemical process of self-improvement with the goal of world improvement. Caring for others to care more for ourselves.


There are two types of fools.

The first fool who ignores their journey towards higher moral/"spiritual" living and life; who is stuck in the first level initiation into basic physical living in matter, as the biblical "of the flesh" and not of the "spirit", not seeking progressive initiations and awakenings that come with actively embarking upon the journey towards truth and morality, but just preferring to "enjoy life".

The other Fool is the initiatory Fool of the Tarot 0 card, the Fool who takes a leap of faith towards discovering truth in reality. To begin the "spiritual" journey on the path and way towards greater aspects of truth and self-knowledge. Beginning the journey towards Truth requires the care for truth and desire to seek Truth in order to know and understand it, and then live it in the Wisdom of Right-Action as the actualization of the Truer Self.

This can continue forever in life as continual self-renewal, like a phoenix is reborn from the ashes, putting to death the falsity within.


We aspire to a "breath", a "spirit" of doing something, but more specifically the "spirit" of what is right, good and true and is the way things 'ought' to be (3).

In our current condition, the way we generally think things 'should' be is coming from our lower conditioned ways of living, ego centric modalities that ignore and deny concern at a larger level of understanding. This is part of being a falser self (c), living the program of cyclical life, attached to the many desires and distractions available for consumption, keeping us from higher consciousness evolution.

The Right Path and Way that we 'ought' and 'should' live (d) is though care for truth (2) and morality, courage and the Will to Right-Action (a). For us to not put truth and moral principles first in our lives, as the real capital in life, represents a fear of truth (b), in ignorance of what is right, good and true.

We aspire (ad-spirare) towards the "spiritual" "breathe", the moral psyche, the truer, realer, higher consciousness. Then we inspire (in-spirare) and "breathe" in, we embrace and inspire the "spiritual" life into us.

This is all symbolism for consciousness understanding moral principles in life and bringing them into our way of being and living.

I hope this inspiration and initiation (haha) into my original work will serve you well this holiday season.

Merry Christmas!


Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.

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2016-12-24, 3:25pm

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Now this is that classic example of : this looks very interesting and something I want to read properly but ... not on Christmas Eve. I need a silo for my to read list! So, copy and paste to Word and it will be done!
Have a very Happy Christmas!
By the way, is your name Farr?


Hehe, well I made it really short too :P


But I went back and edited because I have always wanted to ask you - is your name Farr?

Well written as always
About this article I remembered Ronald D. Laing so I'm going to put a long quote from him. that's a long one.
“Since the self, in maintaining its isolation and detachment does
not commit itself to a creative relationship with the other and is
preoccupied with the figures of fantasies, thought, memories, etc.
(imagos), which cannot be directly observable by or directly
expressed to others, anything (in a sense) is possible. Whatever
failures or successes come the way of the false-self system, the self
is able to remain uncommitted and undefined. In fantasy, the
self can be anyone, anywhere, do anything, have everything. It is
thus omnipotent and completely free - but only in fantasy.
Once it commits itself to any real project it suffers the agonies of humiliation
not necessarily for any failure, but simply because it has to
subject itself to necessity and contingency. It is omnipotent and
free only in fantasy. The more this fantastic omnipotence and
freedom are indulged, the more weak, helpless, and fettered it
becomes in actuality. The illusion of omnipotence and freedom
can be sustained only within the magic circle of its own shut-upness
in fantasy. And in order that this attitude be not dissipated
by the slightest intrusion of reality, fantasy and reality have to
be kept apart.”
― Ronald D. Laing


Thanks for the feedback, great quote. "It is thus omnipotent and completely free - but only in fantasy." Reality, has boundaries and laws, and we need to learn them. :)

This is beautiful and true :) Thank you for sharing.

Interesting outlook
Very 'woke' of you.