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in philosophy •  2 months ago

– Natural Law Core Foundational Principles of Truth as a Basis for Living.
– Foundational Basis & Root Causal Factors for Choices, Actions, Behaviors, Living & Being.
– How we create our overall collective conditions through what we accept into ourselves.
– The strength, solidity, integrity, quality & groundedness of actions in Truth, Love, Good, etc.
– The Root Causal Factors for the condition of the world: a Foundational Core built on Principles of Truth or Axioms of False Belief Accepted and Bought into

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Wanted to point something out before commenting on what you talk of in the video.

I think what you are probably facing in the lack of comments you mention is the length of the videos being to long for those of us who consume your sharing to fully enjoy. If there was some way you could cut these down to maybe half hour segments it would help those like myself who are die hard followers of yours be able to see it in its entirety and then contemplate and comment intelligently on it. I noticed when I saw this in my feed it had barely been up an hour and you already had two comments. No way they watched it. I only have seen about a half hour of it and its been two hours since you posted. Just something to consider, as I know for myself I don't have hours to spare daily to dedicate to this the attention it deserves.

I really appreciated what you were saying about people revealing their intent by the words they choose. I have said that for most of my life, and back when aol was a thing many on there even suspected I was psychic, refusing to believe me when I would tell them the energy of their words made things apparent. I have found it is also easy to understand by the words people avoid using as well.

Loved hearing you talk of meditation and its various forms. I have never been good at sitting still and stopping my mind. I have had to do the opposite and fill my mind, something I don't hear mention of in the meditation circles when I have encountered them. The insistence that it is the only way is astounding as thoughts reveal many truths much deeper than the surface of the thought.

My apologies if you cover this later in the video. I am at the part where you are discussing the two truth levels, and the first thought I had was how the first level can sometimes make it seem as if there is lack of substance in the second level. I think it is this dynamic that those who profit from people being lulled to sleep exploit that aids them in masking the deeper truths found in level two from the common person.


Yes, I know how it sounded hehe. It was a video from years ago that I cut the intro with my name and date. At the time, no one was going through my work on my own site, or facebook ;) I am adding the content to DTube that is gone from YouTube. I could indeed cut the content length and down and do multi-parts. Even better, to remake thework 4 years later and refine ;)

Are you talking about the Trivium Causality tree and two truths?

I'm glad and honored you are taking the time to go through the work :) I appreciate the feedback. It's not many people who would bother to do so.


I could indeed cut the content length and down and do multi-parts.

That would be awesome. I still haven't had time to go back to it yet. So will be answering your next question from memory.

Are you talking about the Trivium Causality tree and two truths?

You had mentioned two truths, one being grounded (from what I remember) in a physical sense, my understanding being events that happen to us that gives us a surface truth, and then a second truth that is an underlying spiritual one. I was feeling out my thoughts on this and it occurred to me that this is where those who exploit the community attack us, is on that first surface level truth to keep us to preoccupied with the deeper truths at a spiritual level. I still have most of the video to watch, so you probably talk about this and I haven't gotten to it yet.

we should return to our basic attitude as human beings with positive behaviors to create an environment and a peaceful world .. Amazing philosophy!


I don't think you got very far to understand what this is about considering you commented a few minutes after posting...


Is it great?