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Religion itself is a set of values with some 'methods' to practice it. If it is seemingly absurd to us, then it may be labeled as a cult. However, to those believers, they consider that as their religion. So there's no right and wrong, as they have the right to believe anything freely.

Not all of us are so open to discuss religion in a casual manner, as it may get a bit sensitive. To me, religion is something like our own moral value. It doesn't matter to others but only to ourselves. To put it perspective, I take moral and religion as something personal, like wearing an underwear (no offense). It is personal and not to be shown publicly. As long as I feel comfortable with it, that's it :)



Exactly my thought. Religion should be private, amd practised in your closet. You can't bring it to the public and not expect diverse reactions.

True, with those practice aside. I think most of the religions promote peace rather than chaos. It is just how those preachers interpret and preach to the people.

I disagree. You really need to check out the babaric things some 'holy books' pescribe. Not all religions promote peace. Some thrive on intolerance.

Well, we can’t deny existence of evil. We need to acknowledge it before we can do something about it. We may see it as barbaric but to them is holy. Perhaps, try to turn around and see how they think. And from there, we can really change their thoughts and how they perceive their holy book. Holy book needs some amendment :P times change.

Lol. True. Holy books need some ammendment. Times indeed change. Thanks for dropping by.

I do not believe that evil exists independently of people - and I think that's where religion get it wrong in thinking that evil is some being that controls "unbelievers/infidels".

Just a thought though.

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