Do we live to die?

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What is life if death does not exist?, life in its totality does eventually lead to death, there is an analogy that states that we all die but not all live.

humanity and life in general is defined when someone dies, one can not know how you lived if you have not yet died. religion provides hope for many for it has created an understanding that death is a mere path into a better existence an everlasting kind of existence. Buddhism for instance has an aspect of reincarnation with a prior dialect of ones character providing the nature of their next existence.

There indeed a lot of different arguments that do insinuate an existence of a life after herein but how do we know. is this all just false hope or just a human creation to keep humanity from being disaster to each other. we can not know none has died and seen what happens in the life after if it does even exist.
I sometimes wonder what if death is the ultimate closure of ones existence nothing before nothing after. is religion just a creature of humanity , political perils in the past for instance the roman empire to maintain attachment and brain wash among everyone.

Are we just living safe and later we realize that actually we do only live once, nothing before nothing after. Understanding life is easy but understanding the aspects life holds its pillars on may never be written down in one conclusion.
for instance with all the many existing religions and their defenses and ideologies which religion is indeed the true religion.

All these questions can only individually be answered when we have all died. we can not know how we lived without dying. its in death that our lives are put to question. hope in life is a reality that calls for hope in death too.
Life is a sting , death is either a victory or a sting too. but victory doesn't exist in living but in dying.

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