What is Perfection?

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SOURCE maybe I shouldn't be so surprized by the number of porn pics that showed up when I google image searched "perfection"?


the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

"the satiny perfection of her skin"

synonyms: flawlessness · excellence · superbness · sublimity · exquisiteness · magnificence · perfectness · faultlessness · impeccability · immaculateness · exemplariness


^ Is the dictionary definition of perfection

What I want to know is does it exist in nature? In humans? In anything, anywhere, ever?

What does "free as possible from all flaws or defects" even mean? Who or what determines what "free as possible" is? Is this only a matter of subjectivity and/or relativity or is there an absolute measure, completely objective version, if you will, of perfection?

As one would expect, there is wide variance of opinion as to what qualifies as perfect and, presumably, a large group among them who contest that it's merely an abstraction, imagined by humans as a real property of nature that doesn't really exist in reality. But how could we ever know who is right? Does it even matter?

Enter my theory of absolute perfection

Okay, so it's not really "theory", in the scientific sense. I guess you could call it a "half-baked idea, categorized as 'philosophical hypothesis' to make it sound more intellectual", if you prefer.


Absolute perfection, as I conceive it, is God's (or "God's", in quotations, if you prefer) definition of perfection.

As God literally (or metaphorically... depending on your theism) created all of existence and polarity, itself, surely only He (She or It) can define what perfection is or isn't. Only the one thing, or "energy", or "nature", or whatever you want to call it -- the sole ______ (fill in the blank) responsible for the existence of the objective universe and anything that may happen to lay outside of it (whatever that means) -- would stand in the position of authority to define true, absolute perfection, in any context.

What does this mean for us, the lowly earth creatures, floating millions of miles an hour through a vast, mostly unknown, mostly dark, cold, empty space? Maybe nothing....or maybe everything...or maybe anything in between those two extremes.

I know, helpful, right?

Perhaps we can never know whether an absolute, objective perfection exists or if it's in any way relevant to our seemingly powerless lives (relative to the vast universe of "fate-shapers" like supernovas and black holes), but it's certainly satisfying to imagine what it might be and what meaning it might have.

Enter my other theory, which makes even more ridiculous assumptions!

I have another half-baked idea, categorized as 'philosophical hypothesis' to make it sound more intellectual, regarding this idea that absolute perfection exists and can be defined, if only by a fairy tale figure.

It's that absolute perfection is totally relevant to our personal lives and, moreover, that it is life's purpose, itself! Bam, son!

The idea goes like this:

1.) if absolute perfection is a real thing and only "nature" knows it,
2.) if it's true that "nature's creatures" were made in a way that they can achieve this perfection,
3.) then why wouldn't achieving/ becoming/ being that perfection be the highest experience possible for those creatures?

Think about it. Who knows best what is most beneficial for us but the "Knower of all knowers", the One who made all the rules, placed all the tabs in their respective positions to make the math (that we call "physics") that runs the whole operation? He has the cheat-sheet. He has the game-genie to max-out all stats. Again, you can call that "Him" or "She" or "It" God, or Universe or (N)ature, I don't care, the point is that there are scientifically provable, immutable laws of nature (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.), why wouldn't there be similar laws for our overall state(s) of well-being?

Why wouldn't what's best for our individual states of being be God's absolute perfection, realized? Of course it would.

What would it look like? It would probably be a picture of complete harmony, a system of smaller organisms working perfectly together to create an effectively larger organism that does its part to create the most efficient next higher member(s) of the hierarchy, and on and on, all the way up to the level of stars exploding to put out the proper elements for a new galaxy to start its formation.

Get ready. Here's where the line between theory and insanity really blurs!

What if what we're experiencing right now IS the realization of God's absolute perfection?

What if this disease-ridden, war-torn, over-famished, ghetto-plastered, criminal-infested, greed-driven, earth-destroying, self-sabotaging collective organism that we call "humanity" is a small cog in the machine we call the "Universe", doing exactly what it needs to do, what it has no choice but to do, in order to keep the whole thing (the Universe and anything that may lay outside of it) running perfectly, ABSOLUTELY(!) perfectly?

What if that belly-button-picking, hair-cut-needing, no-tooth-having, nasty-breath-expelling, bad-word-using, low-IQ-representing, criminal-record-breaking, absolute lowlife is a necessary part of the bigger picture, to keep the whole thing running "as free as possible from all flaws or defects"?

Maybe that lowlife, like our occasional run-in with bacteria or viruses or diseases or falling out with old friends, is a blessing in disguise, a strengthening of our immune systems, a means to grow stronger that perchance wouldn't have ever occurred had we not experienced that/ those apparent misfortune(s), which we're glad happened in hindsight, even if it's only decades, or lifetimes (if you buy into the whole reincarnation thing), later. Whew...need to a breath after that one...

Maybe even the lowest of low among us are needed to make the bigger organism(s) stronger, to make the whole Universe more perfect.

Perhaps we have no choice (no free will) but to be a part of that absolute perfection? Maybe, despite what we think we see from our myopic perspective of it all, being on this relatively small planet giving fruit to all these seemingly imperfect animals, with their competing and warring and suffering and dying, the higher organism that they're all participating in creating and running is more perfect than even the most creative and intellectually gifted among us could ever conceive...?

Maybe even God is surprised by how perfect it all is! Maybe the whole system of lower organisms working together to create more perfect higher organisms is God, Itself!?!?!!

Is God amazed by how perfect He is? Does He curse at the occasional bacterial infection that he's inflicted with from time to time, only to come out stronger and thankful that it came to pass? Are we, humanity, a part of God's growing pains?

Who knows, but, dayum, does it make for good fiction!


Food for thought...

Thanks for reading :)

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perfection is just not able to achieve completely but we can try to reach there at that point in life where we feel complete almost :)


Humans might not be able to achieve perfection, but I think it's just as much not grasping what perfection really is, in an absolute sense, as it is not having the mental or physical resources to make it happen.

My point in this post, though, is that it might be possible that the parts that make up the whole (humans, animals, trees, plants, planets, comets, stars, etc.) might not be perfect and, yet, the whole that they work together to create (the Universe) can still be perfection, getting exactly what it needs from each individual part to be at its absolute best possible state.

Does that make sense? I know it's a bit counter intuitive to reason it out like that.


Quite precision is not there to achieve for human but we have the ultimate thing and which is brain we can utilise to keep moving towards it

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I don't know why it's so satisfying to listen to this robotic voice struggling to read my posts, but it is! So, thank you for this bot, @tts .

I do wish that you implemented an option to "refresh" it though, for people like me that tend to go back and edit after publishing.