Camping? Another side of Montana! :)

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So I got to the lake, and this is what the "campground" was like, but while I am indeed about to talk about this in maybe a silly way, I don't mean to actually complain that I had a bad time. I actually had a nice time. But lets just talk about this other side of Montana for a second because its kind of both awful and awesome at the same time:


I was invited to hang out at a friend-of-a-friend's camping spot by the lake. They have a boat, so their whole purpose for being at this location is because it has a boat dock that they rent. So it actually makes sense. That's why all these campers are here with their RVs. They are there to boat and boat and boat some more, so a place to sleep is merely a technicality.

But, I just didn't expect that. I drove out of town yesterday thinking about the woods and the lake shore, and sleeping in my car in a forest. So when I got there and saw all the RVs, the restaurant, the concrete parking lot ... and all of it was just right next to the highway.. i was kind of like... oh. Ok.

I wanted to show it to you guys because while it was happening I didnt even realize that i was actually having the most American 4th of July I could have, short of maybe riding a horse with my cowboy boots on. And yes, I do own some nice montana-esque boots!

Near the RVs are little plots of very perfect grass that people sat around on chairs in. There was also a boat parade in the lake. I didnt take pictures I dont know why. I was busy having beers and just sitting very still and chatting haha. But the parade was cool. Flags waving and really loud music blaring, and horns honking. Someone thought they were throwing candy, so all the kids from our weird little camping town ran down to the shore to see.

When I went to sleep in my car, people were setting off huge fireworks all around me for hours. The gigantic RV next to me had a light on the outside of it that made the whole area around my car like daylight. Somehow i fell asleep anyways.

I woke up at 1am because I needed to pee, and i was sliding into the trunk on my weird makeshift bed, and I also had a migraine ( I have been getting them this week), and so I figured I was awake, I might as well go pee. The only thing is the restroom was like a block away? Through a dark lot full of sleeping drunk people in RVs, essentially.

It was silent except for some guys across the highway that were hollering raving drunk, and the occasional semi passing through.

I donned my flip flops and made the very freaky journey through the dark RV parking lot to the "resort" restrooms. Theoretically someone could just kidnap me right there, and people do go missing in places like that....

but the worst thing that happened was the restrooms were surrounded by a giant flock of geese giving me side-eye, while they quietly shuffled out of my way.

Imagine maybe 50 geese all giving you the side eye and slowly toddling past in the dark. It was fucking weird. Maybe you think oh thats cool, nature.

If you have grown up around geese you know that they are actually total bastards, shit everywhere, and chase people, and bite.

But I wasnt worried about that. They seemed to respect me just fine. They honked a little bit but probably just to tell each other to bow down to their new queen. I moved quickly and carefully in my flip flops, so as not to step in any of the zillion piles of their shit. It worked out. And I made it back to my car to lay in my weird nest that I made.

And thats my American holiday for you. As soon as I woke up in the morning I drove back home.

I am super tired.


Short-distance traveller


Queen of Geese


I'm laughing, and I'm certain it's with you and not at you. This little story is hilarious.

Are you sure the whole geese scene wasn't actually a dream? Sometimes we seem to attract the things/ situations that we aren't necessarily looking for. I doubt I would be able to enjoy a night like that but - just like you - I would be able to look at it in a different way and turn it into creativity.

Take care,


@vincintnijman It was real :) I wouldnt say i enjoyed it but I was also not in misery. I am trying to approach situations like that with curiosity and acceptance when i can. i knew I had the power to leave when I wanted so it wasnt that bad. If i was stuck there for days it may have been another thing! My friend and the kids made it worthwhile and tolerable, too!

Hey are you calling me vincint on purpose. I think it's kind of sweet, actually

I am trying to approach situations like that with curiosity and acceptance when i can.

Sounds good to me. We always have the power to leave but sometimes we feel we haven't.

Enjoy your Sunday :>)

Brain injury, phone typing.. any number of things. I have a hard time with certain words and names. I dont know why. Autocorrect will catch most of my misspellings but not if its a name , since autocorrect thinks a lot of names are misspelled. I rely heavily on autocorrect. I dont know. I find it embarrassing. Not cute. Thanks.

Sorry about that.
I understand.

You are laughing with me @nonameslesfttouse :) Thanks!

Now, that's how you write a travel blog! LOL
I can just imagine the surreal nature of trying to navigate through a flock of geese in the middle of the night...Queen of Geese indeed! :-)

you lost me at boots :(
ill try to re-read again later

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