Yeah, that's what I was thinking about most. Even our games have this built-in nature. Can we escape it?

Well it is a hard topic.... even in life when you think about the wealth is in the older generation and the young one needs to create its own. Sometimes new techologies and economies apears and that gives people chance.

So I guess having the possibilities to create a new layer in the game from the new players is a chance for them. A game into a game. Freedom to create new systems in it, not just the predetermened that will always be in favor of the ones who started first. .... I guess that is what we are doing with the crypto economy as well :)

If enough people gather around the new system.... the game within the game, then even if they are late at the party they will have a chance as the ones who came first...

That's a fantastic way to think about it. I think that was the vision of SMTs, to some degree. Thankfully things like Steem Engine are making that a possibility (with examples like PALnet).