You Are Not The Body

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You Are Not The Body


You are not the body, with its density, composed of the chemical elements.

You are not the gender, with its specificity, and its polarity.

You are not a race, with a collective history, and its attributes.

You are not a name, with its cultural associations, and its individuality.

You are not a profession, with its social status, and its peculiarities.

You are not a nationality, with its alliances, history, and locality.


You are not the mind, with its incessant and contradictory thoughtstream.

You are not the emotions, with their ever-transforming variety.

You are not the soul, with its glorious and subtle qualities.

You are not a color such as black, brown, yellow, red, blue, green, or white.

You are not an adjective such as intelligent, belligerent, friendly, or dull.

You are not any of these limiting factors.

You are something much, much greater; something that neither Science nor Religion has scratched the surface of; something so amazing, so incredible, that countless spirits have become martyrs in the pursuit of it.

Something that pulsates with potential unbelievable and ability absurd. You are greater than all words, definitions, concepts, worlds, realms, and boundaries.



Originally posted April 27, 2016 on my blog:

Image credits:

1.Haunting The Cepheus Flare by Thomas Lelu
2.Dark Nebulas Across Taurus by Oliver Czernetz
3.UGC 1810: Wildly Interacting Galaxy from Hubble by Domingo Pestana
4.Once Upon A Solstice Eve by Petr Horálek


Just a very beautiful poem of inspiration. I loved it because it says we are limitless! I love your words, "You are greater than all words, definitions, concepts, worlds, realms, and boundaries". You are too! Thank-you for the inspiration....It is deeply appreciated!

Reading this uplifted my spirit! :) If only people would think of themselves as such. <3

Thanks.. always remember.. You Are Not The Body!!!

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