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In the era of social media echo chambers

where people associate mainly with those that think the same way,
have we forgotten that all human beings have innate value,
and are all worthy of love and respect?

Even when we strongly disagree with them?


We all have unique perspectives & see the world from different angles

It is not possible for people to be the same

Every individual holds a space in the cosmos that no one else can occupy.
This unique position is vital to the proper operation of the universe.

You are only "you" because everyone else is who they are!


We often perceive others as the shadows of what they truly are

People are more complex & beautiful than what we see

from the outside, looking in. We are only seeing the tiniest fragment,
the most superficial layer when we quickly categorize & judge others.

People have hidden depth that we are often unwilling to admit


Life is not an ego struggle for survival

so much as a symbiosis between distinct elements. This means that
people that we think work against us are actually our collaborators!

The big picture of the universe is co-operation


What about "Enemies?"

We are bound to encounter those we don't like, and even those who
desire to do us harm. The most powerful thing you can do to is
cultivate respect, forgiveness, and even love for these individuals.

We can learn to respect even those who hate us


We can do what is necessary without violence

We can take steps to protect ourselves and others without allowing things
to escalate into animalistic passion. We are human beings, capable of
using wisdom and discernment to make tough decisions, out of love.


We have more in common than we think

If we focus on our similarities, we find that we all share the same basic
human condition. The differences are not as huge as we are led to believe.

Everyone laughs, cries, and experiences both joy and pain.


It is simple to make the world a better place to live

Through the daily practice of compassion, we can relax our egos
and cultivate basic respect for all people. We may even learn to like them
as we discover they are not so different from us after all.



Article written by Daniel Pendergraft (@d-pend)
All pictures used are public domain, except
the last three, taken during my trip to India


Are you able to get along with people that are quite different from you?
Please share your experience with me, if you'd like :)


I think this was one of the most touching posts that I have ever read. Your words were beautiful, meaningful and real. It came from the heart with sincerity. It was pure, heartfelt, and needed in today's world. You are so right in that we all need to embrace all the qualities and differences that surround us. We learn to go beyond our own limitations by welcoming others, and other cultures and customs. As the world becomes more whole, we are all benefactors of love, peace and purpose. D-pend, you are really becoming the person you were meant to be. It is a beautiful growth and I am so deeply proud of you. You gave me happiness today for which I thank you. Keep finding that special level of awareness. You are getting closer! .......Cabbagepatch

Thank you so much for the heartwarming comment. I believe with every fiber of my being that the transformation of humanity begins with every individual. We need all beings to realize their special place in the grand scheme of things. As this occurs more and more, our togetherness will both relax and intensify simultaneously. We are seeing it happen now. It truly is a lovely sight to behold. I'm honored to have others join me in this pursuit, and excited to see what the future brings :)

Diving deep, and poppin red pills,
Ignoring the haters and the shills.
Recognizing that we are all one,
This philosophy is nicely done.
I need to remember tomorrow,
Philosophy-trail re-steems yo.

This comment was so awesome
I didn't know how to respond,
Much love universal blossomed,
Of thee I'm quite fond :D

I love the photos of you in India, Daniel.

It is my wish that more people take a look from above and see that we are here together and not as separate as it sometimes seems on the ground.

Great post.

This is true my Dear.
I have 2 wonderful friends, one of which is Asian, the other Somali. We all come from different background, religions and ideals. We we are the perfect mix of unique :) and difference. If only the world would break down the barriers <3

I wish I could offer you more of an upvote power, but my power is pathetic at the moment x lol

I agree. I have always enjoyed getting to know different types of people and honoring the difference/similarity between us :) Kind words are worth more than any upvote so I thank you for sharing your experience :)

I had the best talk aboutthis with my son the other day. Thanks for a beautiful and inspiring post. May all beings dwell in love, kindness, peace, and joy. Steem Om!

You are very welcome. Thank you for the comment. May all beings be peaceful, may all beings be happy, and may all beings be free. Namaste!

I really like this post!

I really like the fact that you really like this post!

Awesome message and perspective to share.

Thanks very much for the love and support @philosophy-trail.

Very beautiful steem you are a kind human being just by reading your words people like you is what we need more of!! Hope your having a happy Monday! Somehow I think you are!🕊🕊

I had a great day, I hope you did as well :) Thank you for the kind response. I believe that we all can play a huge role in healing the pain of humanity by changing our approach towards life. It's a long journey, but I hope you will join me :)

I'm with you friend! All the way lets make this world a better place one person at a time!

i like your post my friend

thanks a lot @riostarr... enjoy your day!

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