Coffee and Philosophy Ep. 53 Announcement and Details

in philosophy •  27 days ago

On this week's episode of This Is Us, there will probably be a lot of the usual talkie talk about thingy things and such. If all goes well there will be an audience that shows up to heckle us and there might even be another person talking to make it an official 'us' in the traditional sense. You just never know though do ya? We love to keep you guessing and the super secret plot twists coming here on MSPW Saturday night lineup. Ya dig?

The show will be Saturday night at 11:00 pm CST (Sunday 4:00 am UTC). If you want to hang out and interact with us live, take the Discord link below, or else the others all work for listening and watching live. I'll also post a recording some time after the show is over. Thanks to anyone that can come out and join us and we look forward to seeing you there. Much love to all of you.

Live chat and stream on PAL Net Discord.

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