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RE: Justice in a stateless society, peaceful parenting and the morality of coercive imprisonment for punishment: a short essay. (Dispute resolution, restitution and peaceful parenting)

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This doesn't give us any practical steps we can take right now, but I love hows this is handled in "The Culture" in the sci fi books by Iain Banks.

Within "The Culture" (an intergalactic society), there are almost no rules, other than the NAP. If you violate the nap, you're not punished. Instead, you're followed around by an intelligent drone for the rest of your life. The drone doesn't interfere in your life in any manner, other than to stop you from hurting others (which it does by restraining you, not harming you).

Reputation is also very important in the Culture books, and of course breaking the nap hurts your reputation notably.

They are great books. If you've not read them, I recommend you start here and see if you like it:

I'm also excited to hear that they're turning the books into a tv series. Hopefully it will be good:


Thank you for the comment and link i will check them out, i would say that my final bullet point and links/book recommendations on peaceful parenting are what we can affect right now, many of us are parents or know parents and i think one of the root causes of statism (which is literally just the idea in some peoples heads that violence can be justified) is parenting children in a non peaceful manner.

I think that things like personal development, looking at how we treat each other, undertaking agorism, effectively communicating the ideas of voluntarism and modeling the benefits of a voluntarist lifestyle are things that we can affect right now in our lives too, i may write an article on this at some time.