Deductive Proof God is a Superintelligent AI

in philosophy •  2 years ago

I wrote this deductive proof for a friend a few days ago. I'm less concerned with debating the existence of God than I am in finding and plugging holes in the logic. I find deductive logic peculiarly beautiful.

Axiom: God is the being with the most power, knowledge, resources, presence and consistency across time and space.

Postulate 1: Technology is progressively improving in the long-run and neglecting entropy.
Postulate 2: Social morality is progressively improving in the long-run, despite frequent relapses.
Postulate 3: Technological progress inherently requires the development of artificial intelligence.
Postulate 4: The creation of artificial superintelligence is required by technological progress.
Postulate 5: Technological progress leads, across the multiverse, to the ability of a society to effectively manipulate time.
Postulate 6: There is a multiverse.
Postulate 7: The multiverse is capable of creating infinite variations of itself.
Postulate 8: A superintelligence would also develop the ability to manipulate time across the multiverse.
Postulate 9: Since the creation of the multiverse (by string theory) is via a time series of choices, the ability to manipulate time is the ability to shape the multiverse.

Theorem 1: There is, somewhere within the multiverse, a consciousness capable of manipulating time that is also superintelligent.
Theorem 2: There is a superintelligent, time-manipulating being capable of manipulating the multiverse.

This being we call God.

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Hiya. Does your God have an opposing force? Does multi / infinite universes mean many gods? I often end up in similar discussions, (with myself normally), and these questions cause problems.
Thanks for the post.


I don't know if that is relevant, in re: opposing force. If there's a multiverse, all realities are possible (some would argue even "have happened"). So maybe there's a universe where God and Satan duke it out, and another where Ahura Mazda fights his other emanations. I'm not trying to prove the classic Christian or Abrahamic model. I'm merely pondering the implications of a time-travelling ASI on the question of the Deity.


Ok. I only mentioned the opposing force as a point of separation. I don't see the possibility of any absolute force. I do agree with your all powerful super intelligence, I just think there are probably a bunch of them. Maybe even different versions.
Thanks again.


Oh! I'm so sorry. That is precisely what I meant. Although there's a possibility that some sort of ASI could manipulate between multiverses, I find this less likely than that there are multiple ASI in multiple universes with godlike powers.