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RE: What Do the Games We Enjoy Tell Us About Income Inequality?

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I have to say I think games will end up being the biggest adoption of Cryptocurrency then anything else. With ETFs being rejected left and right it seems like the best and biggest entry point.

That being said I have yet to launch up but since I keep hearing more and more about it now I am going to have to!

That will be now the 4th wallet app running on Chrome (its getting a little out of hand to keep track of)

As per the HF and other changes I think it has to be done. The first few adopters have had massive control over the system and pretty much used it as their personal ATM machine and not really for anything else.

Perhaps the optimal system/blockchain would be one that resets and puts everyone back on the same level playing field time and again.


What wallet are you running in Chrome? I would not use the Scatter one as that's been deprecated for some time. Use Scatter desktop instead.

A resetting blockchain is a very interesting idea. Almost like resetting debts as they did in the year of jubilee.

Will give that one a shot. I use whaleshares, steem keychain, metamask and tronlink. I guess snax counts too?

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