The Power of Visualization & How it Helped a Man Walk Again: Dabbing with a Mage Episode 54

in philosophy •  2 years ago

We've all heard of how visualization can have positive effects, but does it work and to what extent?


PALPABLE POPE Ypyskypo Skwyrl, the Y'sas
Loser of Found Souls, Temple of Appled Thought
Erisian Ataxia Troupe

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@alchemage: Great sesh! I def prefer passwords, over brute force. 😉

Best wishes with your heavy academic load this semester. Hey, visualize it goin down as easy as a slice of canna-cake! 🍰


Passwords are just so much easier to use. :D

Thank you for your comment and your well wishes, I can use all the support I can get, heh. I definitely like your visual idea ! ;D

Another good video, the imagination can be so powerful.
My visualisation is much better than my use of words.
Cheers. 🍄


Thanks, bredren!

The imagination is what gives form to life, imo - seeing how we cannot have direct access to Truth. ;)

Visualization is better than words, anyway. :D


I've had some pretty good success with sigils. :-D I do not do enough visualization, though. I'll have to amp that up.

Thank you for sharing!


I have had an incredible amount of success with sigils, and they're a lot of fun to craft. :D

Thanks for your comment!


You know what, they are pretty fun. lol Enjoy your commentary, friend.

Hell yea man! Things are looking up for you brother. Stay focused.