Mindful living #2 -- Dreamland in Sri Lanka

in #philosophy7 years ago


A simple life:

  • A pure and grateful heart.
  • Accept imperfect self, tolerant others.
  • More listening, more observing, more thinking, more self-examination.


  • 一颗简单,修行,感恩的心;
  • 接受不完美的自己,包容他人;
  • 多听,多看,多思,多省。

Picture was taken in July 2015 when I visited the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka (12th century). Almost a thousand years has passed at the foot of the Buddha.

Good night/or good morning, dear friends.


You get my vote and following,
Cheers, A

Thank you. Will check your updates as well. Cheers.

Great life lessons and cool photos!

Thank you. You have cool photos too. Keep going, we new steemians :)

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