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Hi steemians! Im vince yancy cadutdut, a new member of steemit. I would like to express my gratitude to the steem chat support, especially @drakos, for helping my account that is a long long process. But waiting for steemit to confirm your account through an email is very worth it. It is like you are qualified for a certain job in that big company. It is almost 2 weeks now that i have been waiting for this moment.


Through my years of existence, I have encountered many challenges and mostly it is a difficult to handle for me. I like to read articles that are related to science, cryptocurrency, sometimes online games but most likely a history about the past ( like wars) . For science, their discoveries and their experiments like chemistry are awesome. I am amazed on how did they do that? It is impossible to do like that for a person like me, but when you try it for yourself, you will know for a fact that it is possible. For cryptocurrency, I'm new to this article also i understand a glimpse of it. For online games, there are many kinds of online games like strategic game, puzzle games, or even RPG games. But most of the time i play RPG games, like RAN ONLINE, CABAL, or even RAKION, with this type of game i can find new buddies. and im happy with them.


I'm currently studying in Mindanao State Univerity - Iligan Institute of Techology, with a degree of BS Computer Engineering. I also found out that this type of curriculum is very difficult, i even failed some of my subjects but thanks to my friends and families that they encourage me to re-enroll the subject and passed. There are only 5 of us remain out of 45 students that enrolled in our first years.


out of our 5 the two from the left are the ones who graduated on time. Next is the lady on the center and lastly together with my blockmate remain. Even though we are not graduated on time, the bonding and the memories of us is still the same.


Hey man! Great into post! Welcome to steemit! Have a nice time here!

welcome to steemit, I was playing cabal and ran online too I guess 10 years ago haha.. one of my friends are a GM on cabal up to now though I can't recall here character name. Enjoy your stay here in steemit you my find it frustration but if you are enjoying what you are doing here, you never know mataas na reputation mo.

thanks a lot, me too i also met a moderator of the game, it was funny i never thought that he was hired that time

Welcome to this steemit blog @vinzie you wiil earn much money here.hope you be success on this steemit platform

Welcome to STEEMIT Family ! Congrats.. you are here, enjoy the steemit

Welcome to Steemit @vinzie1!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Here are some links you might find useful.
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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

welcome to steemit. im also newbie here ^_^

Welcome to steem, i wish you luck on your journey. Here are some tools to help you out.
an interactive page that gives you a better overall overview of what is really happening on your steem page.
And second:
Steemengine is a good site for helping you get more followers and upvotes on your posts.
Well i hope this helped you out a bit.

welcome to steemit comunity i hope you enjoy here :-)

Hi @vinzie1. I just received my account today too. What a luck we have. Good luck and have a good day.

welcome to steemit, Steemit is a relationship driven platform. It gets pretty lonely if you just show up to post and then call it a day.

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