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Finally! I am now a mom. A mother of a wonderful, happy and healthy baby boy... I would like the world to meet my son
Marius Timothy Ramos Dela Peña
a 35 weeker preemie born last February 12, 2018 9:43pm via C section.

July 9, 2017 I am expecting my period to arrive after 3 consecutive months of trying to conceive. Aunt flo did not come and 4 days have passed. I was not really expecting too much because of the pre menstrual symptoms that I experienced.

I was at the office starting my day at work, I feel like something weird is happening and that I have to go to the nearest pharmacy and I bought an hcg test or a pregnancy test. To my surprise, after 4 days of delayed period I got a clear positive line confirming that I am actually pregnant. I was in disbelief, my hands were shaking and I was totally blank, I am overwhelmed, happy, doubtful, anxious and all the mixed emotions. I stopped myself from telling it to my husband right away, I wanted a big surprise.

I decided to buy a new phone for him since his old one is already acting up, I got the phone July 15, 2017, the phone that he wanted to have for the longest time. I did not hesitate inspite of the price, it can be paid in installment anyways, I just want to give him all the happiness in the world.

I kept the surprise for 2 days, when I got the the phone I opened the package and put the positive pregnancy test underneath. Before we went to bed, I handed him a paper bag, he knew it is the phone, he was not that happy he was almost mad, he was wondering where did I get the money from, or on the other hand he is worried about how I’m going to pay for that phone. He opened the pckage and had a very neutral reaction, I asked him to check the headset and USB of the phone, then he saw the pregnancy test. He was also in disbelief and hugged me, tears started to fall, tears of joy, a start of a new journey in our marriage. Our most awaited moment, a new day of hope. Using his new phone he took a photo of us and a photo of the pregnancy test.

Immediately the next day we went to the doctor’s office and told her the big news, we were directed for an ultrasound as early as 6weeks to confirm the pregnancy. Doctor Rose ensured everything will go well, all tests were done and all vitamins and medications needed were prescribed to secure the pregnancy.

6weeks and 3 days and our little one showed up on the screen. Its too early and I decided to talk to my boss as I already decided to quit working and focus only to my pregnancy. I was given the opportunity to keep the job and be on indefinite unpaid leave which for me is something to be grateful for.

I informed my friends and they understood my need and they supported me all the way, indeed God is good.

4 weeks after, Dr Rose requested for another scan to ensure the growth of my little one, here he is at 10weeks, buds of arms and legs are showing and his head is so evident, life is just so wonderful that a woman’s body can create life.

I decided to stay at home and take care of myself and this pregnancy, indeed I am very lucky to have a very supportive husband who is okay for me to stay at home even if it means limited source of income for both of us.

Months and months have passed and I had to take it one day at a time, i tried to be as healthy as possible and veer away from “not allowed” foods and stuff because I’m looking forward for a perfect birth. As early as 14-16 weeks we were given a chance to know the gender. I honestly wanted a girl and husband wanted a boy but what ever it is, we are good so long as our child is healthy.

At the scan I was only with my mom, the sonologist said nothing but I see it clear, we are having a boy. I was in tears, tears of happiness and tears of the past but nonethless im still the happiest mom of a sweet little boy

At 26 weeks, I get to have a 3D scan for congenital anomaly scan, yes it is pricey but its all worth it knowing that everything is okay during pregnancy and to lessen anxiety as well

At 32 weeks Bps scan we are trying to get another 3D photo but little one is too shy to show his face at that moment

This was his story from conception to 8 months gestation, the following details will be included in my next post.

Truky God is good and he is merciful, Indeed teardrops are being rewarded we just have to be patient.

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wow this is so wonderful. I have a girlfriend and we are sort of aging and we want to have a baby soon as possible when we get married. I can feel the happiness and excitement, the joy of how is it to be in your situation. Thank you for your story, it made me happy.

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Congratulations to the new mother. Blessings for you and that new being has come to fill your life with the purest love.
@Teardrops SMT imaginary @surpassinggoogle sent this tear of joy.

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A blessed adventure with baby Marius 'til he was introduced to outside world. Godbless you, @sugarrainbow, and your family!

Happy for you sis! Congratulations!

wow! kakatuwa naman...

well, sa observation q, most of the guys dont like surprises haha...

anyways, congrats po!

nakangiti lang ako habang nagbabasa...

God bless u and ur fam po 😘

Congrats sissy! Masarap sa pakiramdam maging mommy.

yey! may playmate na kami!!! we love you baby steemy!! 👶😘❤️❤️❤️

congratulation and glad to hear healthy baby and welcome him to in this beautiful world.

congratulations Mommy!

We have a great GOD who sustained you through out your pregnancy. I'm happy that you were able to enjoy this journey. Things will only get challenging from now on. Sleep every time you get a chance because believe me, you will not have a lot of it. Congratulations! @sugarrainbow.

♥♥♥Such a blessing♥♥♥
You two are blessed, sis. Much love to you and lil angel ♥


thanks sis

Happy for you dear, i had the same feeling when I had my baby pio.. naiiyak ako ngaun cause i know we had the same situation... ❤️❤️❤️😘


oo ate anu 6 days c bunso duon bukas follow up check up syempre kabog na naman dibdib ko

Congratulations. Same here, my son was born also 35 weeks last year..Welcome to world of motherhood.

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WOW! you have that photo during your operation. hope I have mine also.

congrats po sis :)

When a man becomes a father and when a woman now has a child her own, a precious life is now in their hands, it is vital that you do all in your capacities to give him all the best of care of which I trust you'll do maximally. And as he grows, from now, sing lovely songs to ears and read lovely books to hear, training starts from now, train him in God's own way. He's the giver and true source of our lifes, your own lifes and the life of the new born...
Let the drums roll as we congratulate the mother of a new bouncing baby boy, mommy sugarrainbow!

congratulations Mam. God bless

God bless you & your wonderful family sis :-) <3