Daily Contest: Riddle Game #5 (1SBD/1Steem for grab)

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Hello Steemit Community,

As we always say, we would like to extend our gratitudes to everyone who participated and supported our contest. Through this contest, all earnings will go to our future community works. We were pleasantly surprise when a lot of people participated the contest. We couldn’t have done the contest without all your help!

We had "What is the nail that can't be seen?" as the previous riddle and I must say it's a good riddle question but still, have you noticed the RULES? For those first timers who are planning to join the contest, make sure you read it before you answer so you will have a bigger chance of winning 😁

Hang on, I know you are all excited to scroll down and answer the riddle but we already informed you on the first part of the post. And we're so glad that those who participated on the previous riddle learned the real deal on how the contest works, good going! 😄

Now, if you participated the contest, are you resting your case of scrolling down and not reading the rules? Or are you confident in writing your comment because you read the rules? 😂😂

Let me announce the WINNERs for Daily Contest:Riddle Game #4 (1SBD/1Steem for grab) and go to the contest after.


"The nail that can't be seen, I think ang pako na nakapako sa mga kamay ni Jesus sa krus... It was happened a long time ago and through that nail we are all saved... God Bless"

"Edi NAILihim na pagtingin , na kahit kelan di makikita ng taong iniibig mo at maski ikaw di mo din makita ang future ng feelings mo para sa NAILihim mong feelings 😂 hahahaha kainis haha"

"Nail Armstrong. Haha. Kasi sa moon siya nakatira :) Hahaha. Nailed it!!! 😂"

"Yung nail-lamon ka ng katangahan s pag ibig.. 😂
At nail-lapastangan ang puso mo! Aw.
Nail-limas ang pera mo,
Nail-ligo p kayo ng sabay. Hahaha
Nail-laban mo pa sa magulang mo, ts sa huli
Nail-libang sa iba at nail-limot ka.. 😂😂😂"

"Mga taong NAIL-ubog sa utang nagtatago sa pinagutangan nila. Haha."

We are giving 0.500 @godlovermel25 because he really captured our hearts with his answer. 0.200 for @febbiefull because she cracked the admin very well and 0.100 steem for the rest of the winners. 😄



Daily Contest: Riddle Game #5 (1SBD/1Steem for grab)

1SBD/1STEEM for the winner.
if 2 or more winners, we will split the prize, so it will be fair to all the contestants.

UPVOTE and RESTEEM this post so more people can join this contest.
Answers: English, Tagalog and Ilocano
One (1) comment per contestant only.
We will choose the Best Joke Answer.

Announcement of The Winner
The winner of the said contest today will be revealed the following day together with the new riddle.

“Which letter of the alphabet is part of your body?”

Goodluck to all of the participants!
We are now accepting donations! The donations will be added to the prize pool. You will get a special mention in the contest. Just send SBD/Steem to @sfp-ilocosnorte with "Donation to Daily Contest: Riddle Game" on the memo.


Please follow them and Comment/Resteem/Upvote their posts to show gratitude.
You can also check @sydejokes Daily Steemit Faucet post to get an SBD reward.

Thanks to @wdoutjah for the logo of our contest.

Please also support @steemitfamilyph and @sfp-laguna.



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I for eye..dahil hindi lahat ng nakikita Ay totoo...
Madalas Ay katotohanan 😂😂😂

  ·  last year (edited)

P for Penis, mapa.Babae or Lalaki kasi galing doon. 🤭

Its letter "A" and "E". when you pronounce it like Ey then add E = "EYE"
wala lang inembento ko lang hehehe

E for ears, kase naman kahit ilang beses na kitang sinabihan na mahal kita, nagpa-bingi bingihan kapa.... HAHAHAHA

D for men 😂

I eill go with B
Only genius will get what it is 😂😂😂

X dahil minsan na syang naging parte nang buhay ko 😭


Benta haha


Kasi malaki ang Titik-O.

Ano daw? Hahaha babae po ako. :))

S for sexy body 😅

Edi, alphabetlog. 😂😂😂
Part ng katawan ni Adan. 😂

T. And not just a single T. But double T, which they say, is my asset hahaha

B-ilbil haha

“Which letter of the alphabet is part of your body?”
Immediately think of “T”

Double T - which is (titi in tagalog) which is a precious body part of a man. wag taung bastos dito lets be mature haha

But I saw someone answered it already so I think of “P” as my answer which Pepe which is also a precious part of a womans body.

And when you combine TiTi and PePe you’ll have a BeBe 🤪


Hahahahahahaha uwi na. May nanalo na hahaha


MAy isa pako answer! It’s D for dede kaso naisip ko wala pala ako nun 😂


No comment na din ako jan hahaha 😂

  ·  last year (edited)
  ·  last year (edited)

'A' for Asset. Madami tayong asset sa katawan natin, need lang natin ma-improve or maalagaan. Ba-dum-tss..

H for heart, yung iba kasi walang puso. Hahahaha

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In our DNA there's 2 strands called desoxyribose, those 2 strands are made of series of letters G, A, C, T.

G stands for guanine, A for adenine, C for cytosine and T for Thymine.

T for Tanga! ay tenga pala 😂😂

S. :) which represents my curve. My body itself. Hahaha. The sexiest curve in the world. According to my Mom. My no. 1 fan. HAHAHA

B for "bakit ka pa nakita, bakit pa nakilala" chos

  ·  last year (edited)

P for puso... It is important in decision making for the male species when in comes to love... The bigger the puso of a female the bigger chances of being noticed and loved... puso is derived from 2 scientific words which is Puke and Soso...It is also being celebrated on February 14 as araw ng mga Puso, and it is one of the reason why we have lots of november babies...

S for su --------------------------- gat