ScholarsPH Blog#12: October is here!

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It has been a crazy month for the team as we are kinda behind on the schedule of posting and updating everyone on what is happening. We will try our best to catch up on things.

As we continue on the 3rd month of the project I, @tpkidkai, will be updating you guys on what is the status of the finances that we have currently on our account.

ScholarsPH is ready to distribute stipends this September

ScholarAllowance to be GivenMonth Allocation
MykeP1000 (~19USD)October
CarloP1000 (~19USD)October
MarkP1000 (~19USD)October

The required funds amounting to P3,000 will be distributed to the key persons who will then award the allowance to each student this week.

50 STEEM converted to BCH for withdrawal

30 SBD converted to BCH for withdrawal

A total of 3632.62 PHP received after BCH conversion

Current funds after October distribution


*Values after completing powerdown

Our Current Scholars

Myke's Intro Post
Carlo's Intro Post
Mark's Intro Post
??? Architecture Student

As of the moment we now have 6 applicants that are showing interest on the program. We are unable to support them all however, we are considering to open a 4th (and possibly a 5th slot) soon.

How to Support the Program

  • Upvote @scholarsph blogs. We also encourage you to add @scholarsph on your fanbase to enable auto-upvote to our blogs. Rest assured that we won't be draining your voting power since planned posting would only be 1x-3x a week.
  • Transfer Steem or SBD amounts to @scholarsph Steem account. All funds will be distributed to the students including accumulated Steem Power.
  • Pledge a monthly support for any sponsored student. Pledgers will have the option to choose any potential scholar from the shortlist.

If you'd like to know more about the program, just leave a message in the comments section or reach out to @tpkidkai#1650, @jazzhero#3183 or @chinitacharmer#3757 on Discord.

How to join the ScholarsPH Program

If you are a Filipino tertiary-level student who would like to join the @scholarsph support program, please read our post about the application process.

Our deepest gratitude to our biggest sponsors:



And to everyone who donated and upvoted:

This post was written by @tpkidkai.

You can view our new Fundition project page on the Fundition site.

Thank you and Mabuhay!

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