Bibles for the poor (70,000 household without one bible)

When I first moved to the Philippines in 2014, I heard a statistic that there were 70,000 households without 1 bible for the entire family! This applies only to the region called Misamis Occidental. Imagine no bible in the house! The cost of a full New and Old Testament Cebuano Bible is between $1.50 to $5.00 per bible, depending on the deal at the time you make the purchase.
Immediately I had it in my heart to supply these Bibles even if the cost is prohibitive! I made it my prayer. I then built a storage place to hold the Bibles while locating the recipients. At the time I built the storehouse, we were living in a 10ft by 12 ft house. No room in the house!
So far we have been able to distribute 7000 bibles in the local dialect. All for the glory of God! Thank you Jesus! Truth be known, God wants these precious people to have a bible, even more than we do. So now we have reached 10% of our goal.

What is truly amazing is how people clutch their own bible to their chest. Some cry, some laugh with joy!

It is extra special when the recipient is a child!


Bibles given to people in a drug program


More children with their new bible!


Giving away food and bibles.


A young boy reading his bible!


The storehouse I built to store bibles and rice, no power tools used.


I would also like to mention in every one of these occasions, the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was preached and demonstrated. Many people are coming to Jesus. We always work along with local pastors.

Thank you and God bless!
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Thank you Rod! Glad you made it home!

Thank you my dear friend for sharing with us this beautiful story and may God continue to bless you to help and care about the progimo

Thank you for your comments. God bless!

Good step soon you will get the reward on Earth

Thank you for visiting my bog and commenting!

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