#Throwback: March 23, 2020

in #philippines3 years ago (edited)


I remember this day so well. This was the time when we we will be able to finally pick up our first batch of procured logistics worth around 40,000 PHP. It was too little but I'm so relieved 'coz we really have no supplies at all, and this worth 40K could mean that we will be able to get through for atleast 2-3 weeks. Enough time, to process all the documents needed for the procurement in large amount.

I remember, surgical face masks was so scarce already. A box cost 1,400 PHP. We couldn't find any store that sells them. My workmates didn't have facemasks. I didn't have any face masks that time too. Some kind hearted people just gave me 2-3 pieces and I was just washing it so I could still use it again. Recycled surgical face mask is better than no face mask. LOL.

We didn't have any logistics and yet we have to keep on working. It was a tough time. Praying we won't go back to those days again.

Thanks to my friend Justin who gave me Anup's number, he is a supplier, then he gave me Sir Allen's number, and that's how we were able to get our supplies. He was a life saver. Finally, we get to have our protection and keep ourselves safe while performing our duties. I'll never forget.

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