Gift In Kind T-Shirt Logo Design Contest | 8 SBD Prize! Extended till Feb 14!

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The caption reads as "GIKF whole-heartedly thanks all the people that donated and volunteered. One hundred kids from Banawen Elementary School will be able to study properly. We hope that you will never tire from helping them.

Part of our fundraising drive for the Gift in Kind School Supplies project for 2018 is selling some T-shirts for a cause in some of the bazaars that the companies supporting us will be holding in the next couple of months.

Unfortunately none of the core group are artistic enough in creating designs and we really want a good one this year that would highlight the culture and beauty of the indigenous tribe of Aetas that we are supporting.

To know more on our plans for this year you may click on the following links below:

Promoting Steem to Gift in Kind Foundation| Our first step to modern fund raising
Sitio Banawen a community of Aetas: A story of Hope
Gift in Kind Foundation: More than a decade of sharing our blessings

I will try give you the vision in my head and just like when I talk to my graphic designers in the Comms Department they usually tell me to get out and leave the artists to work their magic.

What we want is something that speaks of the culture of the Aetas, a good representation of their tribe and proud history. I leave it up to you.

Rules of the contest:

  1. This post must be upvoted as all proceeds for articles about Banawen will be donated to the project
  2. Resteem it so that it may reach a wider audience
  3. Use the tag GIKBANAWEN it doesn't need to be the first one but just so I can easily look for it
  4. Title of the post should be Gift In Kind T-Shirt Logo Design | (whatever else you want)
  5. .I am not expecting a two thousand word post but please provide some details on what inspired you to draw it, some of the techniques used.
  6. Only original art will be accepted. There has been a lot of art theft lately and design will be sent to corporate sponsors in Germany.
  7. Proof of work. I cannot stress enough the importance of weeding out art plagiarist in this platform!
  8. Must agree that the design can be used for any purposes deemd by Gift in Kind for Banawen .
  9. Winning entry will need to send a high resolution file.
  10. Judging will be done by the Gift in Kind core members and hopefully a design is picked.
  11. Any donations will be wholeheartedly accepted and will have a accountability report provided.
  12. Deadline has been extended till February 14

We are pretty excited using Steem as a means to create a gifteconomy to Sitio Banawen. We are hoping by kick starting it here will open more avenues and opportunities to our Aeta brothers and sisters.

Be one of the many who will change their lives for the better.

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Hi , iam not an artist ,but iam willing to help..just give me some details on other needs of our aeta brothers and sisters so our team can support u and we can participate also .:) god bless

Wow that would be so great!! We would be thankful of any kind of help.

I'm. A noob when it comes to these kinds of concepts much as I want to join. Best I can do is upvote and resteem and hope for more donations to be given to the tribe. Goodluck to all the contestants!

Hahhaa you could try!!

I would participate, but I have no idea how to design anything really. I know only how to leave a good comment and my vote on your post. :)

You are doing an amazing thing with this contest and for the noble cause. Anything really which is connected to helping kids grow in happier circumstances is admirable and worth way more than an upvote. :)

Keep on doing the amazing job you are doing. Have an amazing day. :)

Me too I have no artistic talent whatsoever! I appreciate the upvote and the kind words :)

We are all striving to make a better future for those kids.

That is one great cause you have. I am sure those kids will be grateful for your effort. :)

Nice... i will design for u

yey I await for your design

Hi sir @maverickinvictus when will be the deadline for the submission of design?

I knew I forgot something haha in 7 days.

Good job sir @maverickinvictus

Great idea. Unfortunately my drawing skills are embarrassing.

Best wishes
Anj x

Ditto Anj! I can't draw to save my life haha

Great job sir!

Thanks have artistic friends join for more choices.

great contest @maverickinvictus,you are a very kind person and helping many people,God and blessings of many people are with you,Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you for the kind words but if anyone is to tbe credited it's our chairperson.

I want to help but art is just the last thing I would think to do.. Good effort man, I am hoping to do the same someday.. Keep sharing man!

Hahaha yeah me too.get artistic friends of your to join!

this is an awesome contest sir... i will craft my design...

Thanks will wait for it!

I like the idea behind this contest of yours. I'm no designer, I tend to work better with words, but wanted to wish you every success with your endeavours. There are great artists here at Steemit, so hopefully one of them can come through for you.

Same thing I'm terrible at anything artistic so i am hoping someone can create a good design for us.
In Steemit there are lots of great talent.

Yes there are. Hope you find one - or they find you. All the best.

Changing the world... one post at a time :)

That we are :)

This is an amazing thing you are doing for the kids of Banawen Elementary School! More than providing for their needs, you are inspiring them who they want to be when they grow up.

I wish I have the talent to submit a shirt design. But count me in for the upvotes. :)

Thank you so much for the support!

Im not so good with logo making.. the only thing I can offer is my small 100% upvote.. GOd bless you sir!

me too I wish I had the talent lol but its a great way for me to use Steemit to give out SBD and get a cool logo in return haha

Awesome! I'll take a stab at this!

Go for it! It's for a good cause!

I'll tell this contest to my graphic designer colleague, @jimonru. I'm not good at this so I better refer this one to the expert! Good luck and God bless you!

Thanks any help would be much appreciated!

kakainspire naman.. the sannin with a big heart....

I would also participate but im not good at graphic design. Good luck to those and more funds to #banawen.

Ahahha thanks Idol! Hope we can spread the word on it.

I fully support this project and will participate as my helping hand. Keep it up Sir @maverickinvictus

Thank you that would be awesome :)