How I Started Making Digital Artworks. - with Video Tutorial of the BASIC Smudge.

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Video Tutorial

If you don't know how to paint or draw like me, if you can't afford to buy drawing/painting materials, I suggest you try digital art.

There are lots of applications that can be downloaded in 'Playstore' for you to start making digital arts. It only take your patience, your time and lots of practice.

Here are the two Apps I Used:

  • Autodesk Sketchbook
  • Picsay Pro

If you are willing to learn, no doubt you will really learn.

In my case, I really don't know traditional drawings and paintings. However, when I saw a post in Facebook more than a year ago about Smudge Art, I got interested to really try it. I joined the group page Obra Pinas. There they offer free tutorials for Smudge Art, Vector Art, Chibi Making and Photo Manipulations. I learned a lot and gained good friends. I just found out I was getting better by doing each tasks given. The mentors are very approachable and patient too.

Just don't give up! Like what the mentors did in Obra Pinas. They didn't give up on their students, to think we are not paying them a single centavo. And I will be forever grateful for all their efforts!

How Digital Art has helped me?

  • Before I found Steemit, Digital Art was the first that helped me relieve my boredom.

I have been living here in Saudi Arabia for 8 years, with my husband and my kids. Yes, I always get bored here. We seldom go out. I don't have lots of friends to mingle with if I wanted to. Sometimes, I found myself crying and feeling lonely especially when my kids are asleep and my husband is at work. There are times I can't sleep and just wanted to feel emotional.

Since I learned making digital art, I was really enjoying it. In return for my mentors hardwork in teaching us, I offered a free smudge art service in Obra Pinas before. Just like what I am doing here in Steemit now.

It makes me feel really good when I made someone smile through my own artwork.

  • I was recognized by 'Curie Guild' because of my digital art.

Not just once, but twice! To be recognized by curation guilds in Steemit is such an honor. It helped me earn 10x or more than my usual post earnings too. I was also able to power up more Steem that time.

Again, it made me feel really good!

Below are my posts upvoted by 'Curie Guild':

Smudge Art 1

Smudge Art 2

See the difference of my First and Latest Artworks...

My Firsts: 😂

My First Smudge Art

My First Vector Art

My First Chibi

My Latests:


To those of you who are not confident enough with their drawings and paintings or don't know how to draw like me at all, please try practicing digital art.

I am a mother of 3. I am very busy taking care of my kids, homeschooling my eldest, do the household chores, Steeming, etc. But I did it!

If I did it, there are lots of reasons that YOU can do it too!


"Practice makes EXCELLENT!"

That's all for now fellow Steemians! Thanks for dropping by.

It's me,

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i love to try this digital art thing. thank you.


Yes. Try it! I'm sure you'll have fun with it..

dear @ediah this is very informative tutorial
and i am new for you, you must know
"people for people,,


Thanks a lot @kayes12345..

Your digital art is very beautiful.

I found myself crying and feeling lonely

Your tears will be rewarded. Its publication will be mentioned in the # 3 edition of curation of @teardrops. Do not miss it.

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens). You can read about these special tokens Here!!!


Thank you so much @teardrops...

Ang husay maam! 😍


Salamat kaayo mam @dandalion.. Naningkamot intawn malingaw ang inahan mam..😂

Nice sis, im gonna try this one.


Ou sis..go go go!

Ka nice ani haidz.. Thanks for sharing 😘


Thank u cin.. Ang imong pending unya na jud ni nako buhaton..

I will surely love this and i would like to try can you please send me the link where to download this applications? thhank you al @ediah you inspired me:)



Hi @micch.. Sorry I don't know how to copy the link of the app. Please try to join the page Obra Pinas so you can access the link there.. Thank u sis.. Try digiart sis, u will like it I'm sure.. Just don't give up practicing.


Thank you @ediah yes i will do that, and when time comes that i will be able to do divital arys like yours I will owe you for that.. Thank you sis..

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