I Spent the Night with Terry (@surpassinggoogle)

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February 19 was an unforgettable night in my Steemit life. What made this night even more special for me is because I realized that this day marked my first month in Steemit! What a great way to celebrate my first month in Steemit with my Steemit Manila family and also with @surpassinggoogle! It was the first time I met him.

my first photo with Terry

with @surpassinggoogle and my @steemitmanila family—@janicehung @siningniviola @princesslilo

In the meeting, we talked about a lot of things. We talked a bit about ourselves but mainly talked about how amazing Steemit is. We talked about the vision and plans of Steemit Manila, what we do to help others, and what we can do more to help people. I find it amazing because the goals of Ms. Janice Hung and of @surpassinggoogle are aligned. Both of them want to help, inspire and empower people around the world.

Before Steemit, Ms. Janice Hung has been helping others through the projects she spearheaded such as Muzikademy, Wushu Kids, uDEFEND and other works of charity. With Steemit, she will be able to help more people not only through her inspirational posts but also through the earnings from Steemit since part of it is allotted to the uDEFEND Project.

uDEFEND Project

The meeting did not go much serious all throughout because everybody also had moments of fun and laughter. Ms. Janice taught Terry some Wushu moves. She also challenged him to eat “Balut”. I discovered that @surpassinggoogle also has a funny side and he can blend well
with the group. He can also deliver jokes and can even throw punch lines.

Ms. Janice taught @surpassinggoogle some Wushu moves.


Ms. Janice encouraged @surpassinggoogle to eat “Balut” for the second time in his life.

Balut (duck embryo)

Since Filipinos are fond of taking photos, we had time to take pictures.


with @siningniviola

When we called it a night, I appreciate that @surpassinggoogle offered me a ride home since the place that I live at is just a few kilometers from his place. Since it was just the two of us (plus the driver, of course!), I took the opportunity to ask some questions. I noticed earlier that he mentioned a few times that he wants to change the world so I asked him about it. With the things that he does and also with Steemgigs, Teardrops, Untalented, and Steem Secrets, he will be able to continue changing the world through the people that he is able to help.

one-on-one conversation while on our way to our respective homes

Having said all these, I encourage you to support and follow @steemitmanila, and these amazing Steemians who want to change the world for the better— @janicehung @surpassinggoogle @siningniviola @princesslilo and @clairefabella .

Full video of the hangout:


YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/JaniceHung
FB: https://www.facebook.com/JaniceHungTV/
IG and twitter: @janicehungwushu
Official Website:

Vote @surpassinggoogle and @steemgigs as a witness here in Steemit.


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@surpassinggoogle and @janicehung My favorite person.
i like these people.
carry on.

They are great people😀

Really envy you guys to have boy Terry with you just like that. Wish! That's awesome and lovely. One day I will also be with him either at Manila or Ibadan in Nigeria. ...😂. I will wait for my turn. Nice post dear.

It’s a blessing to be with Ms. @janicehung and @surpassinggoogle.
They are both good people and they love to help others😀

Following you too as well and on the @janicehung discord channel. Nice time you guys enjoyed there. Keep steeming dear

It was really a fun night @clairefabella.

Indeed! Thank you Ms. @janicehung!😀

@janicehung. Following dear. Just like your spirit. Also join your discord channel. Any @surpassinggoogle's friend is also my friend and vice versa.

Until now, I still have a hangover from that night. Hahaha! It was so much fun!

It was fun!😀

That is cool, its good to hear. hopefully i'm one of those who get helped, although i've been working on how to add value to this community, and my best is at the corner..... I boasted to Janice Hung sometimes ago, but, seriously the flame is burning high, but their is water to quench it soon; Steemit is the water, just a little time left. Hopefully i could meet you guys one day, this is a dream that should be achieved, and will definitely be. Best Regards to you all.

Good to hear you’re working on adding value to the community! Keep it up!😀 Ms. Janice has been helping a lot of people even before she started with Steemit!😀 That passion in her to help others is what you can see in her posts here in Steemit too😀

Wowwwwwww.. feels great when gets to see people enjoying their life. :)

I agree! Life is supposed to be enjoyed😀

Wow that must have been a wonderful night spent with the best Steemians in the world.

You do not know how some of us want to meet him,he is indeed changing the world.He personally helped me when i first got on Steemit and he is helping Africans and Philipinos on Steemit.

I see you know some wushu moves unlike Terry hahaha.Send my greetings to him ie Jarau Moses from Uganda.

Yes, both of them are great people!😀 Im blessed to spend time with them. 😀

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hello @clairefabella I'm from pampanga, I hope that one day I may join you together with @surpassinggoggle and @janicehung :)

Wow. Pampanga is just near!😀

Yes, just near haha!
San kayo sa manila?

@clairefabella. Twas really a night not to forget for all the right reasons. I hope and wish you witness more of such days

Yes, an unforgettable night for the right reasons😀

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"I spent the night with Terry" ???!!!!! Does your husband know ? lol.....
Joking apart, youre very lucky to get to spend time with two very inspirational Steemians :-)

Now, tell me, what exactly went on there ? I need all the gossip lol
Have a beautiful weekend

What happened is in the blog😀😀 and yes, I am lucky to spend time with great Steemians😀

Wow! What a wonderful experience to be with these amazing people! ❤

A wonderful experience indeed😀

A bit late but still happy to see you together with sir Terry and mam Janice! Awesome!
@surpassinggoogle @janicehung

Thank you! Yes, it was awesome!😀

Hey there, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and I love the photos. I learned some karate when I was a kid. I want to be a ninja, hehe. I love food. I love laughter. He is so tall hehe. Wow. Looks like fun. I am maybe jealous of all of that hehe. Great photos. Very fun. Very beautiful. Love it.

I can imagine how fun that night have been with @surpassinggoogle. I hope that someday I could get to see all of you too.

Yes, it was a fun night with Ms. Janice, Terry and Steemit Manila family!😀

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