The Spirit of Communal Unity - "Bayanihan", 38th Philippines' Curation Updates

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Welcome to @bayanihan's Daily Feature of Posts and Authors #38!

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Hello everyone! This is @dandalion bringing you the 38th edition of @bayanihan's daily feature of posts and authors. With the mission of discovering and rewarding quality Filipino posts, @bayanihan and its wholesome curators are proud to present the Daily Feature of Posts and its Authors. This is a new initiative created by our Bayanihan Curators, with the aim of boosting the Philippine community by exposing their crafts and providing them decent rewards.

Latest Bayanihan Curators:

The Bayanihan posting (daily feature of posts and authors) will be on regular basis because everyday, unique individuals share different types of content and articles. The update will be posted 11PM everyday, Philippine Standard Time. Therefore, the curation will start on posts that are published 1 AM onwards on that day. In case, we missed out some update/s, we will be featuring the missed posts of the preceding day/s and include it on the latest curation. We will try our best to look up for good content and curate all posts with designated tags for the Philippine community.

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What do Authors get when their posts are featured?

  • A direct upvote from Bayanihan (Currently having 16k Steem Power) - Every update, the @bayanihan account will allocate 5 full upvotes (500% voting weight), distributed equally among featured posts and authors. If that certain day, there are 5 curated best posts, each of them gets 1 full upvote (100% voting weight) from @bayanihan. Moreover, the account will not limit its voting power to those posts that are considered minimal in quality. The account will still upvote 5% voting weight for those.

  • Post are being featured on a single post/update - There will be no more resteems for @bayanihan account. In this way, we will get more exposure as a curating account in the steemit community and at the same time, creates engagements inside on every update. Also, featured posts and authors will get into same room in interacting with each.

  • Posts will be given an upvote by steemit biggest curators/influencers - This will be the extra perk that the authors may enjoy - an additional incentives. At time being, Tom, @donkeypong is our main curator/mentor then followed by Terry, @surpassinggoogle. We will try our best to get more upvotes from high powered steemians that will bring more curation rewards to the curating account, @bayanihan.

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What to do to Get Featured?

  • Post quality content. - Though quality is subjective, make your best effort in putting up an interesting and meaningful blog. That's a best recipe to succeed in Steemit and we are committed to reward those quality authors.

  • Correct Tagging - Tags on your post must include #philippines as one of your tags, our community tag. This will make the curation easy. Additionally, for content that are written in any Filipino dialect, #pilipinas must be used as a tag. Though it will be loaded with normal/common articles, abuse, plagiarized articles and etc, the curator/s will do the best in sorting out good content from those. The remaining 4 tags will be up to you as the author of the content. Examples are, #steemph, #travelph, #artguildph and many more.

  • No comments from @cheetah and @steemcleaners (Bot accounts that detect posts with similar contents) - This also includes proper citation or referencing of materials used in the content.

My Travel Year authored by @princesslilo

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"I miss traveling. There was a year when I had the budget and time that I made it a point to go somewhere out of town every month. Throwback to seven years ago, the year was 2011. Indeed, I was able to successfully travel every month to a different destination, most of which were within the Philippines. I will just share the highlights and soon will share in detail."

Amazing Mosaic Wall Art authored by @jezmacher

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"So much respect and admiration to those artist who created this detailed and precise mosaic art. At first sight it look easy but in order to achieve these result dedication and strong discipline are highly required. I can't imagine how they cut those tiles into small pieces and place on it accordingly by color."

Exploring S I A R G A O PART 2 authored by @biangca

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" We enjoyed our vacation so much that we don't want to go home anymore and want to stay there for few more days, but we already have our return plane ticket. We planned to do surfing on our last day in the Island but unfortunately we woke up late that's why it was cancelled. We will surely come back to Siargao but this time with our group of friends and we will surely try surfing in the Island."

#ULOG: First Artwork Using Both Watercolor and Color Pencils (Artwork #15) | A Step-by-step Illustration authored by @kwenkwennnn

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"This is my achievement today! It's a painting that is inspired by one of Lydia Fenwick's artworks on instagram. I'm officially a fan of hers and I'll keep on making paintings that is somewhat related to hers because I find her artworks really amazing. Check them out, I totally love her style."

My New Favorite Philippine Made Chocolate! authored by @island-girl

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"I think I'm born to be such a sweet tooth, I can eat this everyday and my friends would sometimes wonder where all the sugar goes in my body lol. Of course I still take it to moderate and I consider my health always a priority. Yet there are many other reasons people suffer from health risk, so we can't blame it to chocolates!"

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