Sekyu Base - A Traditional Philippine Game

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Today, I chose to highlight Sekyu Base, one of the Traditional Games in the Philippines, my dearest nation. I will feature one game for each post. Let’s try to recall the recreations we played when we were kids, when we all have the strength and time in the world!

It is vital for us to know and at any rate remember what we vitally have in our country. Culture characterizes us, and these games are a piece of our way of life. Agree?

The Culture

Traditional Games in the Philippines are diversions regularly played by youngsters, normally utilizing local materials or instruments. In the Philippines, because of restricted assets of toys of Filipino kids, they more often than not come up on imagining diversions without the need of anything other than the players themselves. With the adaptability of a genuine human to think and act makes the amusement additionally fascinating and testing. Since it is a convention for Filipinos to play in a greater and open territory, most amusements are generally played outside the house. A few amusements are played or held amid town celebrations in the areas.

Sekyu Base

Sekyu Base is another form of Agawan Base which is one of the old-style diversions in the Philippines. It is exceptionally well known from the previous 2-3 decades. This amusement is like Agawan Base aside from the reason that it has no score constrain. It is a sort of protection or war-like diversion which needs players with dexterity and speed.

This diversion is making out of two groups and each group has a base. A major stone is generally the base being utilized. To score in this diversion, each group ought to have an objective — that is to label the base of the opponent group and to label their players, as well. When one of the players gets labeled, he/she is as of now detained at the base of the opponent group and he/she should be protected. It is simpler to save the detained player on the off chance that he/she broadens his/her hands out for his/her partners to safeguard him/her.

The Benefits

Sekyu Base has numerous advantages. It could be physically and socially. In physical angle, this diversion could give positive wellbeing advantage through running. Research demonstrates that running decreases the likelihood of procuring heart assault and stroke. In social part, dependability among the gathering individuals and sportsmanship among the two opponent groups are useful advantages for the players.

This amusement has different advantages as well as trim its players to wind up glad and balanced people. While playing this diversion, a player creates fellowship with his/her partners and also picking up lessons from his/her disappointments. After the amusement, every player will without a doubt procure the advantages of the Sekyu base and will likewise build up his/her confidence.

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Interesting game friend @leebaong, How nice is that country, I would like very much to know you and practice your traditional game. Blessings and success.

Thanks a lot @sara. Let's enjoy the blessing of steeming ! ;-)

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