Agawan Base - A Traditional Philippine Game

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Today, I chose to highlight the Traditional Games in the Philippines, my dearest nation. I will feature one game for every post. How about we recall the recreations we played when we were kids, when we all have the strength and time the world!

It is vital for us to know and at any rate recall what we vitally have in our country. Culture characterizes us, and these games are a piece of our way of life. Agree?

Traditional Games in the Philippines are diversions regularly played by youngsters, normally utilizing local materials or instruments. In the Philippines, because of restricted assets of toys of Filipino kids, they more often than not come up on imagining diversions without the need of anything other than the players themselves. With the adaptability of a genuine human to think and act makes the amusement additionally fascinating and testing. Since it is a convention for Filipinos to play in a greater and open territory, most amusements are generally played outside the house. A few amusements are played or held amid town celebrations in the areas.

For this specific post, I'll talk about a game named "Agawan Base" or "Taking Bases" in English. This is one of my top picks. I recollect how I laugh to the moon. Run. Yell. Sweat. Laugh. In fact, wounded and hurt sometimes but no cares for all we know are just fun!

Equipment/s: Markers to be used as the base, 2 pcs. (you can utilize two trees or two shoes or two seats as your bases)

Number of Players: At least 4, two in each group (the more players, the more fun)

Age: 5 years of age and up – recommended

Now, let the game begin!

Members are separated into two groups with break even with number of colleagues. There are two bases at that point. There will be one individual alloted to protect the base.The question of the diversion is for one group to attempt and catch the base of the other by achieving the other's home base first and labeling a pre-chosen thing (the equipment specified above) symbolizing the contrary group - without getting labeled by the shielding individuals from the contrary group. The others may leave the base to run and attempt to get another individuals from the other group or to endeavor to take the rival's base. In the event that you touch the base of your adversary to start with, before individuals from that group label you, you take their base and your group wins.

Another principle objective is to get the greatest number of the rivals as your group can. A hostage adversary turns into a detainee and stands on the captor's base until the point that an individual from his own particular group spares him by touching/labeling him. When he is labeled and "saved", the detainee is liberated and backpedals to his base.

The diversion can be as little scale as groups simply confronting each other and endeavoring to tap the rivals to get them or as vast as colleagues covering up and strategising whom to get first – for instance, the weakest connections or the slowest sprinters. On the off chance that there are no more individuals everywhere, which means the sum total of what adversaries have been caught, all individuals from the more grounded group should attempt and get the base from the "guard" by labeling it. The one remaining must make an effort not to leave the base for fear that it be surpassed by the rivals. For this situation, the more grounded group wins.

The amusement closes when an individual from a contradicting group figures out how to label the image of the other group or when every one of the individuals from one group are caught by the other leaving their homebase free for the contrary group to assault and catch.

Who said I have not learned anything from it! ;-)

  1. Speed and deftness, not getting captured by the other group.

  2. Dependability, save the caught individuals from your team; nobody gets left behind.

  3. Tirelessness, if at first you don't succeed, try and attempt once more.

  4. Sportsmanship, win or lose you acknowledge both with affableness, at any rate everybody had a considerable measure of fun!

Special thanks to: @aaronli for introducing AboutMyCulture Challenge and whom giving me an idea to blog the Traditional Games of my beloved country.

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Live to Love! Love to Live!
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I missed playing this :(

I do too @goiinmary. I miss the crazy laughters :-(

I prefer this kind of diversion than playing with toys. When games played out in the open you tend to expand the circle of friends and the fun level really hit the ceiling and it does comes with a price of bruises and Its really difficult to write and explain such technicality behind this game and you did it quite well. You really brought me back to my younger years with this post, thanks @leebaong.

Hahahaha. So true @zestforlife. Its good to be back to the times when we where still kids. A memory of happiness.

Thanks a lot @immarojas for directing me there, a wonderful chance for me to participate. My heartfelt gratitude.


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grbee naman, kaka miss yang mga larong ganyan
batang labas den ako gabi na halos umuwi hahahaa
kzo ngayon iba na tsk..kung maibabalik ko lang ang panahon...
(tanda na ako kaya emotera haha)

hahaha - noong bata pa, palaiyak lang. Nang tumanda na, emotera na. hahahaha! - joke!

lols natawa ako don ah, sabi ng mga kapatid ko:
Wag kang uuwing talunan laban kung laban basta wag kang manguna haha
nanalo ka sa zumbaaaa pren! check mo wallet mo!
congratulations, kenembutan mo lang kami walang ka effort effort tlga
how to be you?

hahahaha. Alam mo naman Pampa-good vibes lang alam ko. Eh nagustuhan nya namn pala. Additional points na yun. Hahaha