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RE: My Nominations for the Top3 Contest - November

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Yes Mrs Gaz! Steak and Mushroom pie got my mouth watering and then a little break with the Easter Biscuits, haven't had one of those for a long time, blast from the past there! But the Sunday Roast with beef... ohhhhh... amazing, takes me back to the time we all met in Oxford.

Thanks for these awesome choices, good luck with the contest!


Hey, funnily enough Nicky, I typed this entry up for Gaz to input, whilst I was in Oxford with a group of students last week. I went past the pub where we had that lovely roast, but it was a Friday! I ended up having Fish and Chips in another great Oxford pub that day. Brought back good memories of the summer.

Haha, funny how you ended up writing it in Oxford! Good choice on the Fish & Chips though, Fridays are the best for that! The crispy batter... Lovely!