My Nominations for the Top3 Contest - November

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Here are my nominations:

Nomination 1

Steak and Mushroom Pie


Pie - my granny, the matriarch of the family of 10 brothers and sisters. Always the one that fed and hosted the family get togethers when she was younger, offering 2 sittings around the table. She continued to cook from scratch all the way through her life, being at the heart of her smaller family of 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. As myself and my cousin became adults and married, she loved to invite us over with our husbands to have a pie night, where we would eat with her and play board games, enjoying a laugh and a glass of wine together. Lovely memories of a lady I adored. Anyway, getting on to the food, she made a variety of home made pies, chicken and ham, mince and potato, but the best, steak and mushroom. The reason it was so lovely was that she never skimped on the quality of the ingredients. Fillet steak was slow cooked in gravy with mushrooms in a pressure cooker for hours in advance. Her pastry was home made from scratch, short crust pastry, but the key was, it was thick and buttery. Just delicious. I did try to recreate it a few times, before we left the UK, after she passed away 16 years ago. Talking about this has made me make a promise that I will try to recreate it again very soon for Garry and Jaime, it's been over 11 years since I tried it last.

Nomination 2

Easter Biscuits


Easter biscuits - I think that these are quintessentially British as I haven't seen them elsewhere. They are just a flat butter based biscuit with raisins. Sounds just like a normal biscuit. However, there is a secret ingredient that is added Cassia Oil (which is sold in a pharmacy not a supermarket). Just a few drops and that changes the flavour of the biscuit completely. I can't get them in any other country, but my mum now bakes them for me whenever I come home (it invariably isn't during Easter for me anymore). But I can't just have 1, they are just too good.

Nomination 3

Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding


Roast - the classic British roast dinner. Getting it right though, is an art. It's all about the timing. It could be roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, roast pork with Apple sauce, lamb and mince sauce or roast chicken and cranberry sauce. I love them all, but the roast beef usually tops my choice. So it is the meat and accompaniment, roast potatoes and a range of at least 3 vegetables and gravy. It is the traditional British Sunday lunch and I miss it so much living in Romania. I can't buy the cut of beef to make a roast, the only one I can make is roast chicken. I love a good trip out to a country pub when back in England, for a nice roast with a glass of wine, a roaring fire in the corner of the pub and a few hours enjoying good company and a lovely British ambience.

I am gathering a theme of Britishness in my choices, but when you live abroad for so many years, comfort in food is always about the draw of home. However, I could have waxed lyrical about so many foods from my travels as we always talk about the foods we miss from our adoptive homes too.

Thanks for reading.



Awesome! Thanks for sending over your entry fee, just letting you know that I've added you in with your nominations now!

Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming dpoll between 16th - 18th where we put it to the public vote and let the Steem community decide their top 3 :)


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Yes Mrs Gaz! Steak and Mushroom pie got my mouth watering and then a little break with the Easter Biscuits, haven't had one of those for a long time, blast from the past there! But the Sunday Roast with beef... ohhhhh... amazing, takes me back to the time we all met in Oxford.

Thanks for these awesome choices, good luck with the contest!

Hey, funnily enough Nicky, I typed this entry up for Gaz to input, whilst I was in Oxford with a group of students last week. I went past the pub where we had that lovely roast, but it was a Friday! I ended up having Fish and Chips in another great Oxford pub that day. Brought back good memories of the summer.

Haha, funny how you ended up writing it in Oxford! Good choice on the Fish & Chips though, Fridays are the best for that! The crispy batter... Lovely!

My heart is so happy with all of these family memories this month! What wonderful times with your grandmother. I hope you get a chance to nail down that pie recipe to evoke even more memories going forward. Nothing brings comfort like a taste of home. I've never lived outside of the US, but I'm sure if I ever do there will be some items like these that I miss. I bet that little taste of cassia does just totally throw those biscuits over the edge into a delicious bite like no other! Lovely choices, and good luck in the polls!

It did bring back some nostalgic memories :-)

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Yours was the final entry for the month, and you definitely helped us finish on a high note! Thanks for sharing and good luck in the dpoll!


Ah! The good old Kate and Sydney! It's the only way I'll eat kidney... My mother used to make one occasionally. Those Easter biscuits - I'm sure I've eaten them, but they weren't called Easter biscuits, I don't think. But then again, I may have been so little it didn't matter. That said, I'm sure I've seen something similar on the shelves in South Africa. I shall have to look. I'll report back if I don't forget. Come to think of it, they look like currant biscuits. I'm sure there's a recipe in my mother's Good Housekeeping Recipe book. I'll look a little later... :D

I am so with you on the roast. My favourite is the lamb and mint sauce - it was on the menu last night. Along with onion sauce... I need to find a way of making Yorkshire pudding. I know people love it. Me, not so much. I don't know why. My mother always claimed she was never successful in making one. And perhaps she wasn't and that's why, when she did, I didn't like it.

Oh my word, that's a bit convoluted. Sorry....

I have to say, it wasn't steak and kidney, thank goodness, as I can't stand kidney, but mushrooms are one of my all time favourites. I'm surprised about the Yorkshire Puddings though, I find them quite easy to make, but it is all to do with the very hot fat and a very hot oven!

Very hot fat and a very hot oven, yes. And what fat, vegetable oil or dripping, now that is the question!

Oh all this looks so yummy! So when will I be invited over for supper?????? And why hasn't that happened yet???

Well... I guess it starts with me being able to get my butt all the way there huh. I'll just keep dreaming and drooling for now... Sigh

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