My Comfort Food - Top3 contest entry.

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Here are my three nominations.

Nomination 1

Stew and Dumplings

Everyone loves a good home cooked meal, one of my favourites ever is my mum's stew with dumplings! It's a family tradition to eat it on Christmas tree day whilst watching The Polar Express. From tender beef that falls apart to crispy, doughy dumplings.... it doesn't get much better than that.

Nomination 2

Wasabi Prawns

The epitome of food buzz to me! What sucks is that I need to travel all the way to the Middle East to get them!!!! They're lush; fried shrimp in a thick batter coated in wasabi mayonnaise and a sweet chilli relish. We first discovered The Noodle House in 2009 (I was 6) when we went to Dubai before arriving to live in Bahrain. Since leaving the Middle-East, we always take a detour through, on our holiday, just for the Noodle House and their amazing wasabi prawns!!!

Nomination 3


Ahhhh la tartiflette est mon plat prefere a manger! The first time I tried tartiflette was when I was 3 and I haven't been able to get enough of it since! The gooey, whole reblochon cheese covering the perfect mix of potato, onion and lardon!!! Mmm! Tartiflette is a French (if you couldn't tell!) mountain dish. The more im typing, the more I'm missing it! C'est tres delicious!

Pofta Buna, Bon Appetite, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight!



Awesome! Thanks for sending over your entry fee, just letting you know that I've added you in with your nominations now!

Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming dpoll between 16th - 18th where we put it to the public vote and let the Steem community decide their top 3 :)


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Yea Jaime! Great choices here and all very different! I'll have to try some Tartiflette when I'm the French mountains for my birthday next year! Sounds tres interessant! Stew & dumplings - great tradition for Christmas time and as for Wasabi prawns, I've not had those before but wouldn't mind travelling to a new destination to try them out!

Good luck in the contest!

Thanks Nicky! You should definitely try it out, you'd love it! Have a lovely time when you go to France!!

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A fantastic medley of choices Jaime! I am a bit envious of your travel history and all of the delicious foods you've gotten to try so far! How awesome is that to be able to pull from so many rich cultural food traditions? Comfort food knows no language barriers. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us and good luck in the upcoming dpoll!

Thank you P2P!! Being able to travel and try all sorts of different dishes has definitley been one of my main highlights of our lifestyle! Thanks for you're lovely comment!

MR :)

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For being the youngest contestant, you've got some very refined tastes in your choices! Always a blast to see what you choose. Good luck!


When I made my choices I overlooked a ton of stuff. Top of that big list would have been those wonderful items that you have picked. Tartiflette is so nice and makes all of our family think of Alpe D'Huez. That's a nice thought to have.

Stew and dumplings makes me think of skiing and of Christmas. Your mum makes a very good stew.

And finally, our crazy obsession with wasabi prawns. These things really are an explosion of taste. I can't get enough of them.

Brilliant choices JJ

Good luck with the contest.

Dad 😘

Someone failed to tell me that you speak French!

J'adore les dumplings! Les fruits de mer c'est pas pour moi mais la cuisine française... Oui s.v.p! Mettez en du fromage! Hahaha! En au temps qu'il y a de la sauce tout le monde est heureux.

I know what to make for supper tonight! Thank you!

Je ne parle pas tres bien Francais!! Je suis d'accord, la cuisine Francais.... c'est vraiment delicieux!! Le fromage est le meilleur!! Merci beaucoup @foxyspirit!!

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